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The Static Dial - New Sounds For Outlier Radio

Alternative, Indie Rock


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With the release of the “New Sounds for Outlier Radio” EP,The Static Dial brings a new attitude to some classic genres. With atmospheric progressions,an edgy vocal approach, and reggae undertones throughout,the record boasts that of Prog Rock anthems

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With the release of the “New Sounds for Outlier Radio” EP, The Static Dial brings a new attitude to some classic genres. Lush with addicting and atmospheric progressions, an edgy yet soulful vocal approach, and reggae undertones throughout, the record boasts the aesthetic of alternative rock anthems. Although the songs are diverse from one another, there is a glue that holds them all together much like a concept album would. Most importantly, the album never loses sight of the emotional platform great songs are built from.
The first single, “Prodigal Sons”, is complete with pop grooves, plenty of guitar hooks, and a persistent energy that seems to breathe and build as it plays on.
“It's the metaphor of the ‘lost son’ finding his way back to grace. The first line really sums it up: ‘pull me out of a dreaded sleep, and lift me back up when I've fallen deep’. It’s definitely coming from a profoundly personal place for me. The song has the signature sonic power that's largely driven by the rhythm section; but also the   Reggae vibe and band arrangement that underlines so much of what we do, and what you'll find all over this album", explains songwriter Bill Gerazounis of the bands single.
Although the single does speak volumes for the EP, to get a real understanding for where The Static Dial is coming from, it should be heard in its entirety.
“Part of our sound is what comes out when you take new ideas in their early form and develop them as a band, and the other part of it is telling new stories in the songs, and the evolving personality of the songwriting. My biggest pet peeve is complacency. Each song should exist very much as its own thing for me; not a narrow idea of rehashing or staying in a predictable format. That being said, it's equally important to have a musical identity that is like a thread that connects all the music", says the band of the EP and songwriting approach for the record.
The Static Dial comes from songwriter Bill Gerazounis’ desire to build a project around his solo compositions. Starting off working with some fellow musician friends, prototypes for songs began to take some shape. Though working with those friends was short lived, it enabled Gerazounis to create his identity as a solo artist. When he ventured off to do his own songs, he really wanted to refine his craft and begin to demo out some of the material he had. Knowing this was going to be a project focused on his material entirely while still having all the moving parts of a full band sound, he needed a name. The Static Dial was a name he had kept on the back burner for something special. The name referring to the “dial in between dials", "the unclaimed radio dial" that was his own. Brining in fellow musicians to play on the record; and later playing with various lineups to perform live; “New Sounds for Outlier Radio” was finally born. The record is the epitome of where the songwriter is with his sound right now.
Having shared the stages with the likes of Kopecky Family Band, Richie Kotzen, and more, the band is certainly not new to spreading the music through live performance. Along with being named Indie band of the Month for BWD magazine, the band has done very well on various indie charts.
The “New Sounds for Outlier Radio” EP is now available for streaming and downloads on most major digital outlets and the boys already have several shows lined including their record release show this summer.
To learn and hear more of The Static Dial, please visit: https://thestaticdial1.bandcamp.com/

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