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Tom Bright - Noirgasm


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Tom Bright is a melodic, Minneapolis songwriter, singer, and multi-instrumentalist who released several albums in the late 1980's on Minneapolis indie-label Blackberry Way Records ('Hands of Time'; 'Tortureland'). Tom's early music received significant college, regional, and national airplay ('Hardcore'), but as sometimes happens with indie artists, his talent and popularity came with an ironic twist - multiple station managers reported that Tom's single 'Hardcore' was very popular with callers who phoned the station to find out which Tom Petty album the song appeared on. So much for indie breakthroughs! Tom has continued to write and produce music, developing a unique, eclectic, adult style that has attracted attention from fans, artists, music publicists, and anyone enthused by great songs and superior production.

Press Release
Tom Bright, Minneapolis indie-artist, songwriter, singer, and multi-instrumentalist, is pleased to announce the July, 2017 release of his new album - Noirgasm. After moderate success in the 80's with Minneapolis indie-label Blackberry Way Records, Tom's style has matured and broadened, and he returns here with nine well-crafted pop songs, mining his significant strengths as a creator of melodic pop hooks; personal, intelligent lyrics; and guitar work that spans genres and decades of style & tone. Available now on ITunes, and streaming on Spotify.

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