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The Fabulous Gabriel - This Is My Island

Tropical Pop
Ocean City
Band Description
The Fabulous Gabriel now presents in his new CD This Is My Island, 16 of his greatest Island Tropical Island songs.The listener will truly feel like he or she was in a Tropical Paradise.
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Artist Biography
The Fabulous Gabriel is a self contained artist who has been writing hit songs for many years. He has written songs and performed world wide with such artists as The Four Tops, Bon Jovi, Gloria Gaynor, Wilson Pickett, Tommy James and so on.

The Fabulous Gabriel presents 16 of his greatest Tropical Island songs in his release of This Is My Island. There are three bonus tracks included on the CD, Track one This Is My Island re-mix, Track Three Whiskey And Wine, Track Six Summer Breeze.

When listening to the CD This Is My Island, one will truly feel they are on a remote Tropical Island somewhere.

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