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The Bennito Sextet + One - The Resurection Of

Classic Salsa & Class Latin Jazz
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I was born Benjamin Padilla , better known as Bennito in the music world of Salsa & Latin Jazz in NYC a
neighborhood called Spanish Harlem. Born of Puertorican Parents I also was educated & raised in that great city.
When I first saw The late & great Tito Puente (Master Timbalero & Bandleader) at a free concert in Central Park
I knew that's what I wanted to do & be!!!!!!!!!
I've been in the music business for many years and this is my 1st attempt at my own personal music project.
I'm hoping to connect with a solid label and cut a deal using that Label's Marketing & Distribution Strenghths.
I've belive this is my best work and I've had the pleasure of working with the very best musicians in Central Florida.
I've put my sweat,heart,soul & all the cash I could put together for htis musical project.......................
I sincerely hope you ALL enjoy our humble efforts????????????????????????????
Press Release
Attn: Director Of Musical Programming
Dear Ms/Sir,
I'm the proud Bandleader of “THE BENNITO SEXTET + ONE”
We specialize in Classic Latin Jazz & Classic Salsa Music. We bring
our music to you and others from The Central Florida Area of the
United States.
I sincerely hope that you will consider evaluating and playing our
music on your Radio Station Please?
I'm releasing only TWO tunes at a time every 3 or 4 months, one
for each genre or bag of music. Although some Salsa or college
Radio Stations may receive both tunes......................
( Classic Salsa & Classic Latin Jazz Band )
Thank You
Bennito Padilla ( Bandleader )
863-852-5972 ( Cell)

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