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Chelsey Danfield - Cowboy

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 From   the   fields   of   her   family’s   soybean   and   miniature   pony   farm   this   24-­‐year-­‐old   singer/performer/songwriter  has  just  released  her  1st  album  entitled  “Cowboy”  featuring   12  original  songs.  It  is  currently  available  on  streaming  and  retail  outlets  worldwide.    “Growing  up  outside  of  a  one  stoplight  farming  town  called  Maidstone  Ontario,  I  realized   quickly  that  country  music  told  my  family's  story.  It  was  who  we  were  and  what  we  did.   Whether      it   be   bailing   hay,   riding   a   skittish   pony,   attending   a   funeral,   anniversary,   or   birthday  party,  country  music  was  how  we  communicated,  celebrated,  mourned,  worked  
and  lived.”    “The  songs  that  I  write  are  inspired  by  the  lives  of  my  grandparents  and  sometimes  slightly   exaggerated  recollections  of  events  that  have  occurred  in  my  personal  life.  Regardless  if  it   be  about  an  honorary  ex  or  a  valiant  escape  from  the  hospital,  my  songs  come  from  a  really   genuine  place.  I'm  passionate  about  country  music  that  tells  a  story  and  either  transports   you  to  another  place  and  time  or  makes  you  fall  in  love  with  where  you  are  at  that  very   moment.“  
 Chelsey  has  shared  stages  with  the  likes  of  Little  Big  Town,  Dwight  Yoakum,  Mark  Chesnutt,   Kenny  Chesney,  Lone  Star  and  most  recently  at  Ft.  Irwin  Army  Training  Base  at  Ft.  Irwin   Nevada  for  four  thousand  U.S.  Army  troops  opening  for  Blue  Oyster  Cult.    Chelsey  hooked  up  with  Billboard  Hot  100  #1  hit  producer  and  former  Iggy  Pop/David   Bowie  lead  guitarist  Stacy  Heydon.  This  collaboration  led  to  her  1st  album  release  “Cowboy”   on  AMG  Records.  
 Her  “Cowboy”  album  was  recorded  in  one  of  Nashville’s  treasured  location  Ronnie’s  Place.   Ronnie  Milsap’s  studio  has  been  a  mainstay  in  the  Nashville  recording  community  for  over   50  years,  and  continues  to  inspire  modern  day  artists  with  the  same  walls  of  resonance  that   recorded  and  shaped  the  familiar  sounds  of  the  legends  of  country  music’s  past  and  present.    Chelsey  and  the  band  laid  down  every  track  “live  off  the  floor”  capturing  a  live  feel  ensuring   an   honest   and   true   musical   rendition   targeting   the   very   heart   and   soul   of   each   song  
Press Release
A couple of weeks ago we came across a single release from a new artist from Ontario, Canada, Chelsey Danfield.
‘All We Ever Do’ was intriguing because it sounded like something that Taylor Swift would have recorded about 3 years ago. A good pop country song with fiddles and a slight ‘attitude’ about the vocals.
She has now released her debut album ‘Cowboy’ which doesn’t include her single or the B side ‘Headlights’, but does include hugely enjoyable traditional country dancehall tunes that deserve our attention.
It seems that the Taylor connection barely extends beyond the single. Chelsey imposes her own style and personality on the album and it’s as good a debut as we have heard for some time. Crank up the speakers and cue ‘Die Alone’ which opens the album. I defy you to sit perfectly still throughout this one! A mix of classic country and rockabilly that combines to produce an authentic dancehall favourite. ‘Drank The Town Dry’ takes the pace down a notch to begin with but soon explodes into another swinger that retains the infectious toe tapper that won’t disappoint.
She seems to be rubbing shoulders with the Nashville players having shared a stage with Little Big Town, Kenny Chesney and Dwight Yoakum, so let’s hope that this album is the start of something special. There is certainly room at a higher table for Chelsey and I certainly recommend checking this one out on the usual streaming platforms.

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  1. Amazing new country music from this girl She is going to do big things in the music world.


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