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Half an Orange - Single: I Need U To Stay

Indie Pop
United States
Band Description
Half an Orange wrote most of their lyrics while one of the members was living in Rio de Janeiro. Their moms really like their songs.
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Artist Biography
Half an Orange features Ryan Chadwick, Dan Hanna, Andrew Spellman, and myself (Michael Maloof). 
Ryan and I went to Catholic school together starting in second grade. Ryan actually taught me how to play guitar and was the first person I felt comfortable singing in front of. All four of us ended up in the same fraternity in college where we had a crew of guys playing music together every night. Dan and I co-founded a music start-up out of college that focused on music analytics for indie bands. When the start-up folded we started focusing on recording and releasing our own music with Ryan and Andrew. 
I wrote a lot of our lyrics while living in Rio de Janeiro for a year. The first week there my girlfriend and I had our bank accounts frozen and we hadn't yet found a place to live. We basically ended up homeless there for a week, frantically trying to make friends to have places to sleep and spending all our time on the beach. Despite the struggles of being in a new country with no money, home, phone, nor jobs we had a blast because we had each other. This ended up being the basis for the lyrics in "I Need U To Stay".
Press Release
Half an Orange Releases New Song & Music Video, "I Need U To Stay"
Half an Orange works with director Jon Kimble (previously worked with Lebron James) to release their new music video for their song "I Need U To Stay". So far it has captured over 100,000 views on YouTube.
Any fan who sends the band their opinion of the music video will receive free band merchandise. With the new release done they have begun working on their next song and music video, Stems. 
Half an Orange features two aerospace engineers and two computer scientists. Their recent songs were written while one of the band members was living in Rio de Janiero for a year.
Contact halfanorangemusic@gmail.com for any questions or information. Below is the link for the music video. Half an Orange - I Need U to Stay (Music Video)

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