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My sound is a cool blend of Pop and R&B. It comes from the heart, with a message of struggle and a search of love to come. It is soothing and meditating, which reaches to the bottom of your soul.

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Artist Biography

  a. Kent Holmes(solo artist/songwriter)

            b. Performs at different music venues around Los Angeles. Currently have 2 songs written by myself "Home" and "Fly Away" currently receiving airplay on  Radio Airplay.

            c. Grew up in Louisiana performing in Church, as well as various Jazz venues.

            d. Headed to New York for the Independent Music Awards November 12th, and afterwards will perform at different entertainment venues around New York.

            e. Pop/RnB/Soft Rock

            f: TuneCore | Youtube

            g: N/A at the moment

            h: Individual performances in New York

            i: My short term goal would be to introduce my music to the word. My long term goal is to make more original music available to the audience.

            j: Music, photos, and growing up in Louisiana with a very Jazz like background and now venturing into the world of pop

Press Release
Kent Holmes, with Louisiana musical roots that branches out from an R&B/Jazz beginning, has entered to wonderful world of Pop. The song "Home," will delight you with inter conscience searching for fulfillment, of peace and desire. It starts out in the mind, and brings it into the space of our everyday living conditions and situations that can arise when conflict erupts due to self endulgence, out weighting understanding. over all it is smooth and easy to embrace, and put you in a special place. Enjoy!

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