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Pilgrim Speakeasy - Freak Deco

Alternative Rock

London and Finland

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Pilgrim Speakeasy...The World's Foremost Eclecto-Funk-World-Rock-Electro-Folk-Anomaly

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Artist Biography

 Pilgrim Speakeasy began as the freak powered vehicle for the expressions of a psychedelic troubadour from Scotland. Following exotic explorations via Newcastle, London, Denmark and Finland...,  the vehicle has since become the driver.. evolving into the worlds foremost Eclecto-funk-world-rock-electro-folk anomaly!

     Although solely producing albums since 2000, Pilgrim Speakeasy is also an open entity and has welcomed the talents of many esteemed contributors from many countries over the years, including many stars of world music from Brazil, Senegal, UK, Columbia Finland Sweden and Denmark. 

     At present the core of The Pilgrim Speakeasy Collective consists of Roger Roge, Panu Mölsä (Bass, Ukulele), Markus Mulkahainen (Drums & Percussion). The new album Freak Deco was released in summer 2016 and follows the ' Lo-Fi Love At The Park Cafe' album, and features some great performances from some of the worlds finest musicians. Pilgrim Speakeasy are also taking it to the stage with their stripped down, raw edged live performances .
      Previous releases include 2011's 'A Ruff Guide To..Pilgrim Speakeasy‘ following the 'Anarchitecture’ double album (2008), and the Moon Emperor album(2006).

Press Release

Pilgrim Speakeasy - Freak Deco (2016)

Freak Deco is the latest album from eclecto-psychedelic-funk-alt rockers Pilgrim Speakeasy, following from 2014's Lo-Fi Love At The Park Cafe. Featuring a wide array of styles flowing together in the Pilgrim Speakeasy tradition, described as; "a cornucopia brimming with organic musical trips that even further engage and flow..in this context the terms "timeless" and "own thing" receive a completely new meaning. " Mikko Nissinen - Noise.fi

"Avant Pop"  

- LGBT Weekly


"...Now rather excitingly the musical maveric is back..."

- Heaven Or Las Vegas magazine



- Dan Hegarty - RTÉ

"The music here offers greater rewards...pleasingly eclectic"

"Lyrically the songs engage politically"

- Simon Wardell - The Guardian

"If you haven’t checked this act out before, it’s a great place to start. If you are familiar, you should know how unusual and great PS can be. Get out and buy this now"  

- G. W. Hill (Music Street Journal)

"an irresistible musical vision where genres and styles mix
and live together in harmony"

- Jani  Ekblom

"a journey into musical Neverland."

"Combines influences adopted from an enormous field and crafts them into a living, breathing entity.." 

- Mika Roth - Noise.fi


"The group operates in their own sovereign right without musical parallels. It would be justified that by now the band is listed as one of Finland's exceptionally visionary and skillful music groups" 

Mikko Nissinen - Noise.fi

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