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Jett Allen - Jett Allen's Touching Melody

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Band Description
Jett Allen is a composer and recording artist. Apart from the easy listening he had also created a few inspiring music tracks for his 2nd album. Jett Allen entered for UK songwriting Contest in 2015 and 2016 respectively and won 12 awards.   
Artist Biography
Jett Allen is an independent composer as well as a recording artist. He creates music tracks that are full of melodious notes to please his fans. “I believe that you will like my works,” says Jett Allen, “as long as you listen to them for a few times. Music itself speaks more than anything else.”
Jett Allen released officially his first album titled Jett Allen's Touching Melody Vol. 1. in the end of 2014, and since then the album has been able to draw positive reviews for its catchy tunes with hooks. Jett Allen draws inspiration from many things including his travels and life experiences. The second elaborated album, Jett Allen’s Touching Melody Vol. 2, was released in February of 2016.
Apart from the continuation of easy listening in the vol. 1, Jett Allen had also created a few inspiring music tracks for his 2nd album - "Every Cloud And Silver Lining", "Look On The Bright Side", and "A Dream So Fine", as Jett Allen thought people need positive strength secured from music to keep lives go on.
Jett Allen entered for UK songwriting Contest in 2015 and 2016 respectively. It turned out that 12 out of 14 compositions won “Commended Entry Awards.
Press Release
About Jet Allen
Jett Allen is an independent composer and artist. He travels around Europe to seek creative inspiration. Jett Allen made his debut at the end of 2014. He brings his music tracks to you filled with melodies in his album titled “Jett Allen’s Touching Melody Vol. 1”. Just listen to the album for a couple of times, and you will find how catchy his melodies are.

Jett’s first album is easy listening and good for relaxing. He uses the sound of guitar, saxophone, piano, flute and drums and includes backgrounds that pull all the instruments together. Jett’s initial goals are to provide easy listening and enjoyment. This album should revive your love of music if you listen to the nuances and tweaks inside the music. In addition, you would definitely want to get the tracks repeated since all are relaxing to listen to. Anyone would likely to recommend the album since everyone would want to enjoy a unique type of music to listen to.
Album “Jett Allen’s Touching Melody, Vol. 1” and Touching Melody, Vol. 2” are now in digital music stores and on streaming services. These services include iTunes, Amazon MP3, Google Music Store and Spotify etc.

Knowing well how hard it is for an independent musician to make promotion Jett Allen hopes his fans spread his works via word of mouth.

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