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Vitne - Lion (Single)

Melodic Rock
Band Description
“Lion” and “Say Goodbye,” showcase Vitne’s searing synergy of 80s melodic pop, punk, and hard rock. His accolades include, “Best Rock EP” (Akademia Awards.) He is a 2016 IMEA Award nominee for "Rock Artist of the Year” and "Rock Song of the Year."
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Artist Biography
Vitne is a solo rock artist located in Norway, playing a type of 80s-influenced Melodic Rock with a punk, slightly gothic edge. Weaving together elements of glam metal, Japanese rock, punk and even RPG soundtrack music, Vitne creates a personal style of hard rock complemented by the addition of flute on many of his songs.
During his time as frontman for the Norwegian glam metal band SEKS, Vitne met hair-metal guitarist Julian Angel of Beautiful Beast, leading to their on-going collaboration. The combination of Julian’s first-class guitar solos and Vitne’s punkish vocals has led to their camaraderie being likened to that of Billy Idol and Steve Stevens.
October 1, 2016 - 11th Single "LION"
June 25, 2016 - 10th Single, "MASQUERADE"
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Gackt, Motley Crue, Billy Idol, Crumb, Good Charlotte, Yohio, Kamijo
Awards and Achievements:
Nominated 2x - IMEA Music Awards 2016
Winner 4x - Akademia Awards 2013 & 2015
Over 50,000 downloads on Jamendo
Born Joseph “Jo” Kimbrell in Charleston, SC USA, he relocated to Norway in 2010 and adopted the name Vitne (meaning “witness” in the Norwegian language), starting his solo career after his band activities were put on hold. Vitne has gone on to embrace Creative Commons, becoming one of the few hard rock artists of his type to release all his music under the Creative Commons (CC-BY) license.
Vitne’s debut album Neon is greatly influenced by the 80s glam metal movement and gained him critical acclaim from music critics, with SleazeRoxx saying “Think of Vitne and Julian Angel’s relationship like a modern-day incarnation of Billy Idol and Steve Stevens….” His follow-up EP Endless Blue continued that legacy with fans calling it a “little EP with a lot of heart,” as well as music critics proclaiming “His vocals are intoxicating and the music is like a drug…” (VENTS Magazine) and “…thank you for those few moments in your company which reminded me that sometimes the world is a fabulous place” (Metal-Impact).
“I want my music to have a soul, to have feeling and atmosphere. A personal quality I suppose you could say. My songs aren’t intended to be pop hits, and I don’t do fillers. Every song has a purpose, no matter it’s length.”
A multi-instrumentalist, Vitne sings and plays guitar, bass, flute and some piano. His flute work reminds the listener of his love for Jethro Tull most notably heard in his latest works. Vitne casually pursues an acting career as well, having been an actor in multiple music videos, an extra in the Hollywood feature film Dear John, as well as an actor in multiple episodes of the Norwegian TV series Hotel Cæsar. An avid language learner, Vitne speaks both English and Norwegian, and is actively learning Japanese.
Vitne recently released a DVD video compilation on April 12th, 2016 as well as a new 5-track single, “Masquerade” released June 21st, 2016. His upcoming single is entitled "Lion" and will release this October 1st.
Press Release
Vitne’s latest singles, “Lion” and “Say Goodbye,” showcase his searing synergy of 80s melodic pop, punk, and hard rock music.

“[Vitne’s] vocals are intoxicating, and the music is like a drug …” -  VENTS Magazine
(OSLO, NORWAY) SEPTEMBER 29th, 2016 – On October 1st, a “Lion” will be unleashed into the jungle of rock and pop music. Tracking down this beast leads the listener face-to-Vitne - Lionface with Vitne’s guitar-shredded hard rock single, “Lion.” Simultaneously, the hooky and up-tempo “Say Goodbye” will release to radio. Fans from all generations may find themselves trapped by the pure adrenaline penned into these two tunes. If you dare to follow the tracks, you’ll hear a searing synergy of 80s melodic pop, punk, and hard rock music. You’ll discover Vitne’s verve and vivaciousness are captured within “Lion” and “Say Goodbye.”
Composer, performer, and multi-instrumentalist Joseph Kimbrell founded the successful Norwegian band SEKS.Now, he is the brainchild behind Vitne, his latest musical project. In 2013, he captured the eyes and ears of music critics and fans worldwide with the debut of Neon. His follow-up EP, Endless Blue, won “Best Rock EP” from the highly acclaimed Akademia Awards. Released in June, Vitne’s track "Masquerade," has earned him a nomination "Rock Artist of the Year” as well as"Rock Song of the Year" for the 2016 IMEA Awards.
Vitne has high hopes for “Lion” and “Say Goodbye.” He explains, “I feel I evolved stylistically, even since composing ‘Masquerade.’” Taken together, both of these new tunes showcase an uncanny ability to combine a myriad of genres into melodious intensity. “Lion’s” message revolves around pride and its motivating theme examines overcoming haters, or being overly self-critical. Meanwhile, as a rock/punk track, “Say Goodbye” has a modern flair. “I feel that ‘Say Goodbye’ has more of a Billy Idol sound, while ‘Lion’ reflects an 80s retro feel,” offers Kimbrell. Both songs exhibit hints of Vitne influences, such as Mötley Crüe, Good Charlotte, Winger, and Gackt.”
To bring “Lion” and “Say Goodbye” to fruition, Vitne teamed up with the gifted glam metal guitarist, Julian Angel (Beautiful Beast,) and drummer Nigel Rios (Golden Frog Music.) While Kimbrell produced the project, he relied on the mixing and mastering of guru Rolf Munkes, at Empire Studios. Just as in previous releases, Joseph Kimbrell aims for all of his songs to have a soul and every composition a purpose. In Norwegian, “Vitne” means “to witness.” On October 1st, 2016, the world will witness an incredible synergy of 80s melodic pop, punk, and hard rock music. For his fans, they will have to track down Vitne’s beast, “Lion.”
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