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Moscato - Rise Above

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We are a 4 to 5 piece band from Mackay , Australia writing and recording original music and and letting the world listen to our various styles of Music.
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We originally formed with a sole purpose in mind. What started out as a regular jam session between Jo and Monkey (Adrian) inspired Jo to take the next step and record, not only for herself but with the determination to put together a compilation album of local musicians which would raise awareness for Auto Immune Disorders having all proceeds go to Arthritis QLD.
In the early stages Jo and Erin crossed paths and it was believed a saxophone would compliment the jamming duo. This was the birth of not only “Moscato” but of 3 beautiful friendships that we feel blessed to have.
Within 13 weeks of our 1st rehearsal we completed our 1st of what will be many recordings 
These Original songs were placed alongside Original pieces written and performed by some of the most unique and talented musicians Mackay has to offer, all with one goal in mind, to raise awareness with an album title of “Broken Silence”.
As we drove the gruelling 10+hour trip back to our hometown we were in awe of what we had achieved in such a short period. The common travellers question of “Are we there yet?” was replaced by “Wow, did that really just happen? “.
Now knowing what could be accomplished our minds were filled with possibilities and we were eager to work on our next E.P. A decision was made to record in 6 months with Erin relieving Jo of lead vocals whose lungs (due to auto immune disorders) were not strong enough.
With each finished EP our confidence and creativity grows, it only seemed fitting that we expand our much loved trio. In October 2014 we met Keiran Shaw who has played in various rock bands throughout his life, it was certain that it was in the stars as his can do/give anything a go/ laid back attitude was much like our own, not to mention his unique style of bass playing complimented what we had already accomplished. In November 2014 we also welcomed Kristen  Finlay  who would join Erin as lead vocalist. As we work on our next EP the two girls prove unlike any other females as they end each song with a high five working as what we believe is an unstoppable vocal team. With Kristens background being Country and Theatre she really brings something different to the table, and with all our minds combined we feel we are finding our feet as to where our path now leads and we are really excited to record this next EP "UNSHINY" so we can share it with you all. Erin has since left the band and Kaz, onSax, Keys and Vocals, Just Pup on Lead Guitar and Laka on Drums have Joined for our next EP, "Adrift" which was released in Augest 2016. 
We can not guarantee our music is everyones cup of tea, but this is us, this is who we are and this is what we love doing. Whether this disc makes you smile, want to relax, want to dance or take a step back to notice what is going on in the world even for a second then it has all been more than worth it,, and even if it doesn’t have this effect … we will just keep on recording and releasing because it’s what we love.
This is us, we are “Moscato” and we thank you from the very bottom of our heart for allowing us to share with you our music.
We hope you enjoy it!!
Peace and Love, Moscato
 Jo,Monkey, Keran  , Kristen, Kaz, Pup and Laka.
Press Release
What started out as a regular jam session between Jo and Monkey (Adrian), inspired Jo to take the next step and record, not only for herself but with the determination to put together a compilation album of local musicians which would raise awareness for Auto Immune Disorders having all proceeds go to Arthritis QLD. Jo then crossed paths with Erin resulting in the three forming a solid friendship as well as the collective known as “Moscato”.
Moscato was later joined by bass player, Keran Shaw as well as vocalist Kristen Finlay who would join Erin as lead vocalist, forming a positive and hardworking female vocal duo. The band has various songs doing the rounds currently. “UNSHINY” and “Sandman” are their latest singles, but they have already been making waves with tracks such as “Why War” (Honorable Mention 3rd 2016 WorldWideMusic Competition for being picked in the Top Ten Songs by the Judges)and “Sugar Daddy” (Honorable Mention 2015 WorldWideMusic Competition picked by Judges).Although I’ve been aware of Moscato in a vague sort of way, through Artist Signal, I hadn’t really listened to them in a serious way. Their performance of “UNSHINY”convinced me that I should try to listen to the band more closely, and I’m very glad I did. After several listens, I’m a fan. They have a fine collection of varied, finely crafted, melodious alternative rock-pop songs with intelligent lyrics, and both Erin and Kristenare very good singers who are able to put those songs across with real meaning. The rest of the band too, is excellent – tight and gutsy but sensitive to the meaning of every song – and the production is on point within the confines of what they are attempting to achieve.
You have to have real skill and class to create the sort of wall of warm harmonious sound which develops on “UNSHINY” without it degenerating into a rather generic mush. I’m just an old git now, but after decades of devotion to music it’s still great to see that real class and talent keeps coming through, and it’s always a real pleasure to discover it. I’m late on the scene with Moscato, but I’m an enthusiastic convert.
After 3 days of repeated listening, I feel that, Moscato deliver a well-crafted set of songs, true to the spirit of its creators. The melodic power of tracks such as “UNSHINY” or “Pendulum”(my absolute favorite Moscato song) leaves me wanting more and more. Moscato are evolving into an even more mystical and captivating entity with each new release. Every song is good, but several are awesome…full of emotion and hooks! New EP out now is called ADRIFT with "Broken Dreams" and "Flowers" having success , Erin has left the Band pursuing other opportunities with ,Kaz,(Keys ,Sax and Vocals), Just Pup, Lead Guitar) and Laka(Drums) joining, 

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