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Iron Age Mystics - Pride Before The Fall

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Every revolution needs a soundtrack.. this is the best that can be offered in this genre! THE BEST OF THE BEST: ~ Pride Before The Fall ~ You've Got The Power ~ Save It For The Revolution ~ The Great Divide ~ What Ya Gonna Do About It
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Melodic, fierce and engaging music with lyrics that are conscious, political, passionate and unapologetic.
"I think IAM have a brilliantly arranged, performed and produced album. Truth be told, hard rock is not my favourite rock genre (although I did hear some Bowie undertones), but I was blown away."               Gary Topp / Legendary Canadian Producer, Manager, Promoter – Toronto, ON
Endorsed by The Office Of  Bernie Sanders: IAM song 'Big Bad Motherfucker'"This is great and we're happy to support the band. Thank you (for putting Bernie Sanders in the song)." Jeff Frank, Press Secretary, U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders
IAM Bio: The tone and intent of the debut album Pride Before The Fall (which has been pre-released in a limited edition CD) progresses the tradition of consciously driven music defined by artists from Rage Against the Machine, Public Enemy, and the Sex Pistols to Bob Dylan, Buffalo Springfield and John Lennon.
IAM Singer / Songwriter Kevin Connelly has released two international records through Sony Records and BMG: New Regime (self-titled debut) and New Regime: The Race, plus an independent release though Sony / Magada / New Life, Kevin Connelly: Son Of The Sun.

For licensing, publishing, a record deal and/or placement opportunities contact Kerry Forbes @ Atlantic Ground Control Inc. www.atlanticgroundcontrol.ca, atlgroundcontrol@gmail.com, (902) 449-4976

Press Release
IAM (Iron Age Mystics) - "The best blend of seriously, socially, politically contentious lyrics with kick-ass rock n' roll since what feels like forever. Better late than never."
2016 sees the completion of the long awaited and much anticipated CD, Pride Before The Fall; a direct response to the psychopathy of today's social / political climate! Rocking to knowledge is a formidable way to get to the audiences. Combined with great guitar riffs, deep bass back beats, hot vocals and catchy verses, IAM takes the ordinary out of rock n' roll and makes it outrageous.
Super Producer Bob Ezrin was recently quoted as saying "Where are the anthems, the protest songs, the songs to march to or the ideas to fight for, the truths to believe in?" Well here we are!... and it's about time...
For licensing, publishing, a record deal and/or placement opportunities contact Kerry Forbes @ Atlantic Ground Control Inc. www.atlanticgroundcontrol.ca / E: atlgroundcontrol@gmail.com / P: (902) 449-4976

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