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BRutherz - Shes Got Pride

United States
Band Description
BRutherz are singer/songwriters and a country duo from San Antonio, TX. Their music is traditional country music with heartfelt lyrics with a drive in their music.
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Artist Biography
Burrel and Ross Rutherford make up the country musc duo BRutherz.  They currently reside in Texas near the San Antonio area, but are originally from Southwestern Kansas.  
Their music talents were inspired by their parents who had a love for country music.  Even though their dad couldn’t carry a tune in a bucket he had an ear for great music and a writing talent that would carry over to the boys.  Their mom had the voice of the family and sounded like a cross over between Patsy Cline and Reba McEntire.  I guess when your moms third cousin turns out to be June Carter Cash, you might have a blood line that would be considered today as Country Music Royalty.
The boys really got wrapped up in music when they started high school in Liberal, Kansas and never really stopped.  At the time Burrel did most of the singing while Ross played drums until they moved to Texas where they started doing demos for Tinker Villarreal who did some work for Warner Bros.  They were soon developed into a duo where their next journey took them to Houston, playing several clubs in the area and quickly gained a diverse following due to their vocal sound together.
While in Houston their bond was tested as other opportunities were offered to them that caused them to split.  Ross ventured off and did an album project with Ronald McCown who used to play for Mil Tillis band the Statesiders back in the 70’s, while Burrel put together another band and went on tour through most of the southern states.  While both had their own success with solo careers, they never really had what they did when they were together even though they had the pleasure of sharing the stage with some of the industries greats like, Toby Keith, Lonestar, Tim McGraw, Sammy Kershaw and George Strait.
George Strait and Tom Cusick had an unknowing hand in getting the duo back together.  Since “Burrel & Ross Rutherford” seemed to be a bit long, they decided to shorten the name to BRutherz – ‘B‘ stands for Burrel, ‘R‘ stands for Ross, ‘uther‘ is part of their last name from Rutherford and the ‘z‘ stands for their little brother Zane, but even though he does not perform with them, he so happens to have the finishing touch on the name.
BRutherz quickly relased their current album Black & White in early 2016.  As they continue to perform in the Texas region and they are fast becoming recognized for their vocals along with their songwriting talent.  If their music wont make you a fan, meeting them in person at one of their shows surely will.
Press Release

BRutherz announces debut release of She's Got Pride from their Black & White Album.

BRutherz, a Texas based country duo are keeping their brand of country on the traditional side with songs that tell stories with moments of real life in them.  She's Got Pride is an anthem to single ladies tryig to make it on their on in life while overcoming lifes daily challenges.  She's Got Pride debuted on the Gen2 Texas chart at #5 their first week out and have currently held the #1 spot for the last four weeks.  She's Got Pride also reached #2 on the Gen2 Country chart and held there for three weeks.
The sound from their freshman album has a tradional country sound mixed in with a bit of 50's groove to it, bringing classic old Rock n Roll and Country together.  Burrel & Ross Rutherford who make up the duo BRutherz have powerful, rich vocals and can be seen on their live shows jumping in and out of lead vocals and harmonies leaving the audience sometimes wondering who just sang the song. 
BRutherz are currently playing throughout Texas and can be found through the rest of the year perfroming from Dallas, TX down to Corpus Christi, TX.
Their second release See Clearly In The Dark is planned for a January, 2017 release and BRutherz are looking to expand their tour dates a little more out into the Texas Region to be able to reach out to their growing fans and futher support their album Black & White.

BRutherz 2016 Tour Dates

9/9 - Boerne TX @ Tapatio Springs
9/10 - Bulverde TX @ Rusty Spur
9/16 - San Antonio TX @ Moses Roses Hideout
9/24 - Bastrop TX
9/30 - San Antonio TX @ Jacks Patio Bar
10/1 - San Antonio TX @ Moses Roses Hideout
10/7 - Boerne TX @ Tapatio Springs
10/13 - Private Event
10/17 - Dallas TX @ Gilleys Dallas
10/21 - San Antonio @ The Cov 
11/4 - Boerne TX @ Tapatio Springs
11/12 - Spring TX @ Lost Mission
12/17 - Private Event
12/31 - Corpus Christi TX @ Omni Corpus Christi
BRutherz Bio
Burrel & Ross Rutherford began their music careers as The Rutherfords and got their start from working on Demos for Warner Bros back in the 90's.  The duo would split after being together for 4 years while playing in Houston with other opportunities being offered to them.  Burrel hit the road and toured the Texas region with his new band while Ross worked on an album project and ended up in Nashville for several years.
Burrel and Ross felt they should have never split back in the day and when Ross ended up performing in front of George Strait backin 2015, George encouraged him not to stop.  Ross ended up calling his brother about getting back together a few short months later a new and improved duo was formed called BRutherz.

Contact information

Please get in touch with Ross Rutherford at ross@brutherz.com set up interviews, or promo copies of She's Got Pride.

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