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Willard McKiver and the Martin Eagle - The Mystery and the Silence

Band Description
Martin Eagle and Willard McKiver began a collaboration in 2008 and have continued to work together to build music for the souls of men. We write to remind people of the love that must be shared by humanity.  

Artist Biography
Willard McKiver has the kind of voice you expect to hear on the concert stage or opera hall, yet he is a jazz singer with equal fluency in the blues, R&B or any other genre he wishes to explore. He will move you emotionally, thrill you with his technique and leave you wanting to spend as much time as possible in his company.
Martin Eagle is a jazz pianist and composer with wide experience playing with jazz greats around the world.  His compositions have spanned not only jazz but also the pop and country genres. His exceptional technique is always held in service to the music and both his composing and improvizing have a lucidity and emotional depth that is rare and profound.
Together they produce the perfect match of talent and creativity; a recording to be savored forever.
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