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The Heart of Effingham - The Heart of Effingham

Country, Rockabilly, Rock and Roll, Americana
United States

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My music has a retro throwback sound that sounds appealing to an older generation as well as a younger generation looking for newly released "real" music.
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Have played with various types of bands since the late 70s. Play Bass guitar and sing. Dabbled in song writing over the years,influenced by Elvis,Beatles,Eagles,Jerry Lee Lewis,Conway Twitty,John Mellencamp. Much of my music are road songs, after spending much time on the road traveling. Played many styles of music and band gigs over the years. Love music and interacting with my audience. My big dream is to have my recordings playing on various radio stations and picking up new fans. It's not really about money,it's about music being appreciated and making everyone feel good at the end of the day.
Press Release
In his debut, Larry G. goes back to his roots in The Heart of Effingham, which features a musical motif of rockabilly, classic country, and soulful blues.
“Music is not about the money; it's about making everyone feel good at the end of the day.” - Larry G.
(EFFINGHAM, ILLINOIS, U.S.A.) FEBRUARY 6th, 2016 – Singer-songwriter Larry G. is releasing his debut EP, The Heart of Effingham. Within the six all-original tracks, Larry's love of Effingham, Illinois creatively Larry Gebke (Larry G - The Heart of Effingham)collides with a musical motif of old-school meets new. The Heart of Effingham features compositions containing a mix of genres ranging from classic country and rockabilly, all the way to blues and soul. Taken together, all of the songs reflect Larry’s mantra of staying true to your roots and keeping it real.
Larry’s inspiration is the city of Effingham where he now calls home, and it plays a vital part in bringing this EP to fruition. He chose to name this offering, as well as his band, The Heart of Effingham after the Flaming Hearts at Effingham High School. Elvis, The Beatles, the Eagles, and many other bands were significant influences on Larry.
Larry wrote all of the lyrics, sang lead vocals, played bass and lead guitar in The Heart of Effingham. He gives credit to the numerous musicians who also helped on the project; Steve Jones on lead guitar and keyboards, the late Steve Boyd on keyboards and background vocals, and also Ron Kinder on drums. Additionally, Cheryl (Gebke) Gruner performs on drums, Danny Mohammed on lead and steel guitar, and John Colbert on background vocals. Danny Weaver played the steel guitar while Nathan Hegger lent his talents on drums, keyboards, and background vocals in the bonus track of “Karen Lee.”
Within each song in The Heart of Effingham, Larry G. showcases his diversity of genres. “Wild Country” and “Very Long Time” display a smooth classic country feel, while “Vette in Effingham” breaks out a groove of Motown mixed with the blues. “Sweet Lovin Baby” and “With You (The Biker Song)” take the listeners cruising in a rockabilly style. There is also a bonus track “Karen Lee” that has a retro rock and roll sound. He says, “There's no mainstream sound here, I want my music to appeal to an older audience and stay new and refreshing to a younger audience.” Larry G. is keeping it real in The Heart of Effingham, all the while, taking you on a stroll down memory lane.
Larry G.
Tel: (618) 304.7040

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