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Dana Robert Rasch - Odd Time Odd Place

Jazz, Fusion , Smooth Jazz

Bullhead City

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Beautiful writing and guitar work, abounds on this CD. There is, simply put, a "Stunning" array of styles and textures with incredible playing and solo's from some of the best in the world. Definitely worth visiting an Odd Time Odd Place. .

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Artist Biography

Jazz has changed and grown as much as it has stayed the same. Forever being reborn, growing from its roots into new reflections of sound to bring forth the next generation of total grooviness . Creations from Dixieland to Big band, from  be-bop to swing and on, to the new sounds, new grooves, new styles from around the world, coming together to create "Jazz Fusion". and offer a diversity, as vast as the people who love its offerings.
Every decade or so in this exceptional world of jazz performers, there comes onto the scene a cat that is so groovy, so creatively original, in both his songwriting and his playing ability, that it denies comparison.
 A performer so brilliant in his musical thought process and delivery that he has not only taken jazz music into a direction ,never before heard, but he has produced a new form of music that most will agree leaves him without peers, and everyone in awe. I am speaking of, none other than guitar aficionado, 
Dana Robert Rasch.
Dana is a self proclaimed professional student of learning. Learning that is, if it’s improving his Improv skills , Harmonic knowledge and Performance as a musician. 
As a child. Dana, was lucky enough, to study with some of the West Coast’s  musical greats, like Ted Green, Joe Pass and Dick Grove.
His father was Academy Award Winner , Ray Rasch, and Dana accepted the Oscar, Posthumously , for his Dad’s composition of Charlie Chaplin’s film, "Limelights".
 Ray was a consummate pianist and starred, in many jazz bands through out the 40’s and 50’s. He also was the Top pianist for MGM playing on the soundtracks for many of their series' and  films. Besides being an over the top Classical and Jazz player. Ray was also an accomplished Composer, and in fact, wrote all the songs for Nat King Cole's double album entitled, “Wild Is Love”. Needless to say, Dana has come from good musical stock.
Throughout the years, Dana has played and recorded with some the finest Jazz musicians on the Planet
Including : Jimmy Earl, Otmaro Ruiz, Bob Sheppard, Doug Johns , Chris Ceja , Dick Grove , Cocho Arbe, 
Scott Smalley, Ruben Valtierra, Joey Heridia, Bob Harrison, Tim Seifert, Liz Kinnon  Laurie Hofer Romero. Iriada Noriega and many more.
As an instructor and clinician It’s agreed ,Dana is unsurpassed.
He was the Guitar Program Director for Grove School of Music and has taught clinics of all sizes, around the world.
Each time Dana returned to the States, he brought back with him many of the musical flavors of the countries he had visited, as well as from the various jazz artists he performed alongside of. Not satisfied with simply to write and perform the different styles of Latin, Caribbean or even African jazz, he remolded what he heard into a style of jazz/fusion so new, that it has yet to be named.
When Dana finally went into the studio to begin recording his new creations he came away with not one brilliant album, but three, so remarkably unique in their creativity that there will be no doubt that the jazz/fusion world has found a new super star.
From these recording sessions, the first Lp called 'Rely On Love' is a collection of songs which Dana refers to as Soulful or Transformational, Jazz Fusion. 
Ten songs,  not only to please the ear and senses, but open the listener's inner feelings of self reflection that will create calm and reassured sensations. 
His other two exceptional releases are entitled 
"Odd Time Odd Place" and "Rasch Judgement", both, incorporates the various styles of music he's learned from around the world into a sound that speaks of no one country, but one, world, joined together into an exciting movement of sound and energy. Songs in which Dana shreds with such technical veracity that it is nearly impossible to believe that anyone could move their fingers that fast and with such precision.
This may be one of the most fantastic Fusion Guitarists… you’ve never heard of !

Press Release
You can find Dana's incredible new release Odd Time Odd Place, as well as his other 2 CD's,
at CDbaby , Create space and Amazon.
Check out Dana's web site at DanaRobertRasch.com
As the presenter of a live daily internet radio show, Morning Coffee with The God of Thunder, on Nusakan Radio, I get sent lots of music from people who want some airplay. Most of it, these days, is good audio quality. Some of it is even good music. Occasionally, you receive something that makes you stop and take notice. If you're very lucky, you get a Dana Rasch CD in the post.

Initially, I was sent a sampler of three tracks from each of Dana's three CDs. I only had to play Fan Mail From Some Flounder to know I was listening to the best kept secret in Jazz Rock Fusion. That track went into my show the very next day, along with a couple of others.

Dana Rasch is, without doubt, one of the finest guitarists (in any style) that I have ever heard. Stunning technique, inventive rhythms and sounds, and some serious shredding that will make you drool. On my show, I usually play Dana next to Jeff Beck, John McLaughlin, Charlie Christian or, something of that calibre, because he is just that damn good and, if you like those geniuses, you'll love Dana.
You don't have to take my word for it. Your own ears will tell you all you need to know. If I'm wrong, I'll apologise.
I won't be apologising any time soon.

Mark L. Potts (aka The God of Thunder)
Station Manager, Nusakan Radio
Presenter of Morning Coffee with The God of Thunder Mon – Fri 10am – Noon UK
Available on www.nusakan.media | Apple Music Radio | TuneIn 

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