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London Taylor - No Matter




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London Taylor is a twenty three years old singer songwriter, with american and italian background. She started singing and acting at the age of four. She currently lives in London, UK

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Artist Biography

Twenty Three years old singer/songwriter London Taylor has a special and unique way to see music. 

She started singing at the age of four, and writing her own songs at the age of fourteen.

He own way of seeing music is different. London Taylor truly believes she can reach people`s soul throughout music.

Her passion for music and arts brought her to develop a strong interest and attachment for acting, writing and dancing as well. 

Her first single, "No Matter", is the fruit of an old, important relationship, ended unexpectedly, but the love in it never gone away, the affection and the tenderness will live forever, as if the relationship never actually eneded.

No Matter is the final statement of endless and pure love towards someone. The sweeteness and the devotion in the lyrics, written by London Taylor, are the core of this song, and certainly what brings the listener to dream, and relate to this fine song. 

Taylor lives in London, UK, and constantly working on new music, acting and writing projects. 

Press Release
Twenty Three years old London Taylor values music more than everything else.
Started singing at the age of four, and writing her own songs at the age fourteen.
London worked with producer and composer James Colah on the song No Matter, her first single.
London describes her songs this way:

"It`s a statement of love and devotion towards your significatn other. It never goes the way we want ot expect, relatiopnships and love in general, but it doesn`t matter, because you know that deep down you will love that person forever. No Matter where you go, who you will become, how long it will be before you see that person again, in the end, love, true love, lasts forever, and it never dies." 

No Matter was written and composed by London taylor, and produced by james Colah in 2013, and released three years after. 

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