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Erin Krebs - Love Always Wins

Jazz, Blues, R&B

Appleton, WI
United States

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Exciting debut album from a new voice on the Jazz scene! Original Jazz, Blues, and R&B songs featuring soulful vocals and award-winning musicians.

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Artist Biography

Erin Krebs is a dynamic performer well on her way to becoming one of Wisconsin's premier and most treasured vocalists. Ranging from sultry jazz stylings to bebop scat to belting out the Blues, her performances exude confidence and a passion for life that audiences instantly recognize as genuine and heartfelt. Recently, Erin has been recognized by WAMI (Wisconsin Area Music Industry) as a nominee for 2016 Female Vocalist of the Year.
Erin grew up in Southern Wisconsin, where she showed a love of music at an early age- singing on table tops at age 3. A few years later, she started playing flute and other woodwinds. Erin attended UW-Oshkosh, where received her Bachelor of Music Education Degree in 2003. She taught music in private schools from 2004-2014, and is currently focusing on her career as a vocalist. Erin also maintains a private studio in Neenah, WI where she teaches woodwind, piano and voice lessons.  

Erin often works in a duo with her partner, guitarist Jeff Johnston. With 30 plus years of performing, he has developed a well-traveled musical fluency that compliments Erin's extensive repertoire and songwriting style. Together, Erin and Jeff are able to provide a dynamic and versatile musical experience. While she primarily works with Jeff, Erin has a Jazz group, and sings in Jeff's blues band. She is often featured with the Water City Jazz Orchestra and award-winning Jazz group, Jazz Orgy. 

Press Release
Erin Krebs
Love Always Wins
Soaring vocals, stellar musical performances, and an upbeat vibe are the essence of this exciting debut album by Erin Krebs.
Love Always Wins is comprised of eleven original songs presented in a variety of styles from start to finish- from traditional Jazz to soulful R&B and gritty Blues. Listeners will be tapping thier feet to the swing tunes, falling for the ballads, and groovin' with the R&B songs.
Erin has always been influenced by the Great American Songbook and traditional Blues styles. The songs and arrangements are reminiscent of those traditions, but with a modern twist. Her lyrics are honest and somehow familiar, because they are about things we encounter in everyday life.
The recording process was also influenced by the Jazz and Blues masters of the past, with the musicians all working together in the moment. Love Always Wins takes you back to that simpler time, and it works because Erin assembled an amazing group of talented and award-winning musicians.
Love Always Wins kicks off with "Love Ride", a swinging tune with virtuosic solo work, then melts into one of the album's ballads, "Fall Song", featuring Mark Martin on piano. "It's You, My Love" is a light Latin-inspired tune, and one of two songs where Erin plays flute. Next up is a minor swing tune, "I See You", where you'll hear some word-painting with the melody and lyrics and some playful improvisations before getting to "My Favorite Day", another Latin Jazz style tune featuring Justin Zopel on bass. "One Summer Day", a beautiful ballad, is stripped down to just Erin accompanied by her partner and guitarist, Jeff Johnston. The band is swinging with a catchy melody on "Count on the Blues" before getting soulful on the slow-jam of the album, "When Love Comes to Play", which features Stephan Cooper on tenor sax. "Ahead of the Game" is an up-beat catchy R&B tune featuring a fantastic solo by Brian Gruselle on Hammond organ who is also featured on the next tune. "The Man I Want" is a fast Blues Swing with a blazing tenor sax solo. Erin lays it all out on the final track "Love Always Wins" a soulful Blues-inspired song with a stellar guitar solo by Jeff Johnston.
Those that have seen Erin Krebs perform know that when she sings, she sings from her soul. Her performances are genuine and heartfelt, and audiences feel an instant connection to her and her music. New listeners will sense that same incredible energy, and it resonates in the performances on this album, Love Always Wins.

Track Listing:

1.Love Ride
2. Fall Song
3. It's You, My Love
4. I See You
5. My Favorite Day
6. One Summer Day
7. Count on the Blues
8. When Love Comes to Play
9. Ahead of the Game
10. The Man I Want
11.Love Always Wins

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