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Taylor James - How Its Suppose To Be

R & B

United States

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Taylor James is a contemporary artist with old school roots that blends element R&B, Soul, gospel, hip-hop and pop to create lasting songs that empower and unite. He has a timeless and classic way of sharing his love of music through his messages.

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Taylor James is a contemporary artist  from the old school that blends element of R&B, Soul, Gospel, Hip-hop and Pop to  create lasting songs that empower and unite.

His love affair begin when he joined his high school band in 1968 as a percussionist.  At seventeen, while still in high school, he began writing, producing and recording music for himself.
While still a student at Jackson State, be became the drummer and a lead vocalist for the band "Wynd Chymes" and did regional tours on weekends in Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana and Georgia.
His first single, "Christmas and You", penned in 1975, was originally released on the Great Southern Productions (GSP) label, now Hearts of Gold Music.  His first album "No Way Out" was released in 1984 and included songs in the R&B/Soul genre.

From 1976 to 1990 , he wrote and produced for other artists and himself on the GSP label.
Taylor is a UPS truck driver and is currently in the studio working on a new album scheduled to be release in the early Fall of 2016.

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