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John Denney - Pistols at Dawn


New Zealand

Band Description

The crowds are getting bigger! John Denney's solo album builds on what we have heard from the band before. JD has stepped up to a new level with this attack on your ears.

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Artist Biography

Pistols at Dawn
is the debut solo album by John Denney. It delivers a powerful mix of deep lyrics and addictive rock tunes. His experimentation with various instruments collected on his travels of the world include grungy biting guitar with fast paced riffs, huge drum rolls, haunting strings, uplifting keys, slide guitar, the occasional harmonica, sitar and dual harp interludes but most of all that unforgettable voice. Pistols at Dawn is a chance for John to show off his many talents in the solo arena. He loves nothing more than sitting down with an acoustic guitar and laying downs some stunning tracks which once layered with his various skills has produced his “Masterpiece”. You should hear him play live!

Press Release
Pistols at Dawn is making huge waves in New Zealand and attracting a lot of airplay overseas. John Denney's debut solo album is taking off! Its hard to know which song has been most popular at the latest gigs but it has definely hit the spot.

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