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La spezia

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Born in La Spezia on 15 June 1991, Federico Carro grew up in Vernazza surrounded by the radiant nature of those places, spending his time in the panorama of the sea and hills, drawing and painting these landscapes, being inspired from them for his subsequent works. Later on he enrolled in the Cardarelli art school in La Spezia, where his artistic side emerged even more, discovering interest in the world of writing and shortly after he wrote the rough draft of his book "Il segreto del verziere". Towards the beginning of his last year in high school a childhood friend had an accident making the artist change his direction, concentrating mainly on the music world. He wrote a poem dedicated to her, which he then made into a song. Once he finished school he went to work for his uncle who managed a bar - restaurant in Vernazza. He started to save money to take private piano and singing lessons, managing to finish the song he had written for his friend's passing, giving it the title: "Come un lampo". Not long after he created a music video on the song and then other videos for his unreleased work, until he completed his album, giving the cd the name of the song dedicated to his friend: Come un lampo. After writing and completing his book "il segreto del verziere" Federico concentrated onthe promotion of both the book and cd that followed with the creation of a promotional video using the views and mysterious places that Vernazza is set in. At the same time, he got to know a girl from Turin who he decided to go to meet one day. Going around the city togheter he got the inspiration for his second novel: "il re della luce l'ordine degli dei oscuri". 

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