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Kirtan Club K~club members write music/songs inspired by a technique known as mantra yoga. Presenting a higher form of entertainment for all ages.

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Kirtan Club (bio)
K~club members write music/songs inspired by a technique known as mantra yoga.  Presenting a higher form of entertainment for all ages, K~club aims to produce fun/upbeat songs that leaves the audiences worldwide continuously singing & dancing after every performance. K~club shares a fiery determination, perseverance & enthusiasm for what they love to do and they have been playing together for a few years. In their spare time they still play and produce songs together. K~club are inspired by such groups as: Mantra(USA), Ganga Jala & Jamuna Jam. With K~club’s unique beats & singing, they have a pop genre following. The band has played at the International Marathon in Sacramento in 2011 to a crowd of 9k. 
K~club recently released its first single on i-tunes called:                         “Madana~ Mohana Murari”

Press Release
 “On August 16th, the Karma Cafe on Historic Folsom’s Sutter Street, hosted an event called Kirtan Club. The event is generally held on every 2nd Thursday of the month and Jada, event organizer, invites guests to participate in or to hear the group. Kirtan Club sing mantras and play musical instruments, a process called Kirtan Yoga. The group shares with others the practice of the Sadhana Bhakti a way of life according to the Vedic principles, living by the core of the yoga system of chanting mantras. A mantra is a transcendental sound vibration that is pure and purifying and is a technique in meditation. Always open to the public, the group of chanters are designated to chant in every town and village to share their transcendental sound vibrations.”
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