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Kenny Sway - Mrs. Piano

Pop, Club, Dance, Hip Pop, Chirstian

Silver Spring

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I have no set sound; I love and enjoy every bit of music. I want to go above and beyond the peek of music.

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Artist Biography

A native of Maryland, inspired by God, and a lot of inspiration from family and friends; there was also my elementary school crush
The singers that inspired me was from the Temptations; Eddie Kendrick's was a great inspiration because of his high pitch tenor, David Ruffin, who had that old soul of a raspy voice, Paul Williams, who wasn't afraid to take big risks, Otis Williams who knew how to come in with the harmony and Melvin because of his great bass drive.
I have no set sound; I love and enjoy every bit of music. I want to go above and beyond the peek of music. I want my audience to experience a life changing move of music. I believe
life is music and music is life. I want my audience to say to themself "Kenny Sway music inspired them to move on and hold back nothing from life". I want my audience to know, that my gift is from God, and when I sing; I want the audience to experience the love and heart of Jesus Christ in any song that I sing and know that we as one can make the world a better place for all man kind; living in peace and harmony.
My first song after elementary school, was a song called (Relax). I grew and matured in my music, performing in Washington, DC whenever and where ever I could perform with my band the Unknown; most of the time we perform on the streets of Washington, DC. My music has touched everyone and moved them in one way or another. I want to thank everyone that has supported me and those who continue to support me and continue to believe in me, thank you. Remember, your dreams are already your reality; for God I live and for God I'll die. Hear me, see me on Youtube-Kenny Sway, Instagram- kenny_Sway, Viemo-Kenny Sway and SoundCloud-Kenny Sway.

Press Release
Kenny Sway is a pop artist based out of Washington, DC who travels regionally through the Philly, Baltimore, DC, NYC, NJ and VA circuit.  Kenny music is pop, dance and club; Kenny has just released his firs single (Mrs. Piano) from his soon to be released album titled (Inspirational l Moments).  The single (Mrs. Piano) is available on itunes, Amazon, Spotify, Google play, YouTube, Megnifi and Tidal.  Kenny Sway bio is as follows.  
Singer-songwriter Kenny Sway has a sound that can best be compared to (best artists to new artist) with a twist of Adele, Sam Cook and Eddie Kendricks;  honestly I have not heard a voice such as Kenny Sway's in a long time.  Kenny is a "unique lyricist"  touring the college circut, and music festivals year-round and street performances . 

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