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Justin Llamas - Gold


San Jose
United States

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Justin Llamas is an emerging Pop artist who describes his style as "edgy and aggressive with a dark undertone." He first emerged online in 2010 when he started uploading covers to YouTube. To this date, he has 2M plus views on Youtube.

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Artist Biography

 Originating from the Bay Area, Justin Llamas is an emerging Pop artist who describeshis style as "edgy and aggressive with a dark undertone."  He first emerged online in2010 when he started uploading covers to YouTube.  In only a few years he gained over2 million video views and a loyal fan following.  His most popular video to date, a coverof Sia's "Chandelier," gained so much attention that it was even shared by the originalartist on most of her social sites, gaining over 700,000 views.Justin's voice has been described as a "melting pot" of Pop, R&B, and Alternative Soul--which he considers to be the result of his mixed upbringing and widespread interestsgrowing up.  From music to dance, and comic books to animation, he believes all of hisinterests have shaped him into the eclectic artist he is today.His electrifying talent caught the eye of Vena Brewer, previous manager of Grammy-nominated artist Keyshia Cole.  With a storytelling voice and an unstoppable drive,Brewer believes Justin to be the next big artist to ambush the music scene.Now, Justin is releasing his first original project with his debut EP, Gold.   The EP's titleThe title song features vocals from multi-platinum artist Amina Harris, while the EP's title itselfwas inspired by the California Gold Rush and the "journey" those make to follow theirdreams--something he considers a necessary step in his own life.

Press Release
May 13th marks the official release date of Justin Llamas’ debut EP, Gold. 
Justin Llamas is new to the music scene, but has been producing chart-topping YouTube 
cover videos for over 5-years. YouTube success highlighted Justin’s talent, which led to his 
signing with Black Rose Entertainment. The founders of Black Rose Ent. have worked with 
the likes of America’s Most Wanted, Amina Harris, and Keyshia Cole, who is a 4-time Grammy 
nominated artist. 
Using YouTube as his platform, Justin Llamas has been building a loyal fanbase, and with 
tremendous success. The response to his cover songs such as “Chandelier” by Sia, and “Let It 
Go,” from the Frozen soundtrack, are a subset of songs that’s generated over 2-million You-
Tube views. Justin’s success-streak has crossed over into film and television as well. Over the 
past few years, he has been featured in 3 commercials and a number of TV shows. Most recently, 
he will be a featured singer in a commercial for Magic Instruments. If Justin’s YouTube 
and Film success is any sign of accomplishment, you have an opportunity to be the first in 
introducing a major artist at the start of their career. 
His debut EP, Gold, has been in the works for the past two years. According to WILD 94.9’s 
radio DJ, Jose Melendez, the singles “Gold” and “Got It Out For Me” have major-hit potential, 
while “Figure Things Out” is a personal favorite. 
Vena Brewer 
Artist Manager 
Below is a link where you can preview his entire 5-song EP, as well as a link to his Electronic 
Press Kit. 
Justin’s website: http://www.iamjustinllamas.com

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