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Clast - Feel Free

lo-fi synth

OKlahoma City
United States

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Compassionate, independent post-punk with electronic sounds and thoughtful lyrics. Unique rhythms, lush strings, majestic synths and keys, sonic guitars, steady bass, and emotional vocal melodies.

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Artist Biography

Clast is a duo from Sacramento and Oklahoma City. The music they create is a collective effort grown from a long lost friendship rekindled from across the country. Kelly Edward Berger lives in Oklahoma, but is originally from Sactown. After years apart, rumors of Kelly’s death were extinguished when Tom found him in the Mission District of San Francisco, and brought him back to Sacramento for more music, but the time wasn’t right. 8 transformative years passed. They finally rekindled their collaboration through sharing tracks across the web. In late fall of 2014, Kelly flew from Oklahoma City to Sacramento for the first time in nearly a decade. Tom and Kelly played, wrote, and recorded each day of the week-long visit. Fiona Pulskamp joined in on a few sessions. Once back in their respective cities, Tom and Kelly curated, recorded, and experimented with each chosen song. Working individually or sharing screens, shipping files back and forth (each adding or removing pieces) and always discussing the vision for each track. Clast released their debut E.P. Tell Me A Story (2015), and their full length album, Feel Free (2016). Clast’s heart-filled songs disclose their individual revelations of overcoming suffering by embracing compassion, and creating a life of meaning. This is music out of necessity, so Clast is here to stay. 

Press Release
Clast - 'Feel Free' tells a personal story using universal motifs found in mythologies from around the world. The album takes us on a flight home after years of separation. Reunified, music is created, and a transformation begins. ‘Feel Free’ faces loss and suffering of loved ones, anxieties of the mind, and the alienation of living inauthentic lives; only to reemerge with renewed vision. The album reveals a discovery that the transformation is not intellectual, but is found in the experience of life, in our own actions. Clast’s 12 heart-filled songs disclose their individual revelation of overcoming suffering by embracing love and compassion, and creating a life of meaning.

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