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Link&Chian is a roots and culture reggae group with a new sound and a positive message. Fix the Roof displays a distinctively modern reggae sound yet has its roots firmly planted in Jamaican old-school style.

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"Every member is a link, every fan is another link and this chain now will become a link to world unity through music" - Tweetie of Link&Chain

Link&Chain is a unique musical group that has been performing and recording for well over twenty-five years. This outstanding group involves four extraordinary and dedicated rastaman led by band front man Dwight Campbell, who is called"Tweetie.” 
Meanwhile, Paul Williams, the band's songwriter, with his big voice, is nicknamed "Mirror." Trevor Douglas is Kasha” to us, and is our inspiration as the strong one. Last but not least, O’Neil Griffiths, known simply as "O'Neil" is the man who was always there and eventually became the newest member of the group.
TEL: 917-991-9396
link@lcmgoupl.com OR  blakbrotharootz@gmail.com

In their new EP, Fix the Roof, Link&Chain have reconnected to make a strong comeback with their mix of modern and old-school Jamaican reggae.

"Don’t let your life pass you by, go ‘Fix the Roof,’ then get out and live it!"
- Tweetie of Link&Chain
(PORT MARIA BAY, JAMAICA) MARCH 4th, 2016 – The four exceptional musicians of the Jamaican reggae band Link&Chainhave been working together for over thirty-five years. During that time, their musical success placed them alongside the All-Stars of Jamaican reggae groups and into magazines such as Rolling Stone, Beat and Pulse!.After an eighteen-year hiatus, Link&Chain has now reconnected to create six new sunny soundscapes on their latest EP entitled Fix the Roof.
Fix the Roof contains an array of catchy, hook-laden tracks that elicit messages of peace, love and hope. The six compositions display a theme of strength and unity, just as Link&Chain itself does within its members. “Tweetie,” “Mirror,” “Kasha,” and “O’Neil” are the nicknames used by this cohesive “band of brothers.” Each musician in the band brings their distinct influences into Fix the Roof. The band is quick to point out, “As a group, we were influenced by all of the Wailers ... Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, and Bunny Wailer, yet also bands like Steel Pulse and legends such as Jimmy Cliff, OM.
Fix the Roof displays a distinctively modern reggae sound yet has its roots firmly planted in Jamaican old-school style. The band explains, “Our creative goal in this EP was to tap into our uniqueness, which I believe comes from all of us working together for over three decades.” Key tracks on Fix the Roof include the title track with its happy, upbeat blend of brass lines, and blues-basedrhythm. “Long Road” displays the exquisite instrumentation and crafty lyrical skills of this foursome. "New Day Revisited" stands as a perfect example of Link&Chain’s ability to create soundscapes which wrap storylines behind funky backgrounds, percussion, and piano riffs.
Many other A-list musicians were behind the tracks on Fix the Roof; these include guitarist Ian “Beezy” Coleman (Ziggy Marley,) Dean Frazer (Sly and Robbie) on horns and engineer/producer Barry O’Hare. The three decades they’ve spent in the music industry has made Link&Chain greater and stronger than the sum of its parts. Within Fix the Roof, the messages of strength and unity are once again connecting Link&Chain to their listeners, even after all these years.

TEL: 917-991-9396
link@lcmgoupl.com OR  blakbrotharootz@gmail.com


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