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Band Description

Sidewinder of Texas' music is a unique blend of straight edged blazing guitar backed by a solid foundation of drums and bass with vocals to match. Sidewinder songs are about everything from relationships to society to the current political climate. 

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Artist Biography

Sidewinder of Texas was formed in '84 by guitarist David Valdez and drummer Paul Pederson.  Sharing a common drive and passion for writing and arranging, the two paired up along with long time friend and bassist Rey Ybarra to form a rockin' band that has developed its own unique Texas flavored style sound based on a variety of influences from the 60's through the 80's. 

Press Release
Sidewinder of Texas slithers across the sands and cactus of the Lone Star state.  Some tasty tunes from a group of guys with a unique original sound from way down on the southern tip of Texas on the border of Mexico. So, put on your snake boots and tready lightly and try not to get bit!

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