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Corey El - Nothing Like You

RnB, Pop, Hip

United States

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Songwriter, producer, singer and all-around musical phenom Corey El handcrafts multidimensional songs that sparkle with contagious melodies, playful beats and razor-sharp lyrics.

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Songwriter, producer, singer and all-around musical phenom Corey El handcrafts multidimensional songs that sparkle with contagious melodies, playful beats and razor-sharp lyrics. Each of his originals is an auditory time capsule that plunges listeners into his own memories and experiences, energized by the very essence of life:  self-discovery; love and daring to let one’s own authentic colors shine. With a soulful wisdom far beyond his years and his finger on the pulse of his generation, Corey El lends a fresh perspective to decades’ worth of musical styles, inspired by the pioneering sounds of pop, R&B and urban music gurus such as B. Slade (Anthony Williams II), Kanye West and Michael Jackson. 
The son of dexterous professional multi-instrumentalist Carl Lester-El, a young Corey El knew instantly how music can impact moods, viewpoints and connect people’s hearts and minds on a global scale. Because of his natural ear for a multitude of melodies and grooveshe was able to express himself instantly through singing. His father taught him how to track on a Casio keyboard, and as soon as he learned to write, he was making his own fully-formed tunes. By the time he was a teenager, he was already producing, writing and arranging for local artists in the studio, and he eventually felt the pull to focus on creating his own original work 

Press Release
Contact:  Emeritus Entertainment (800) 970-1792 Promo@EmeritusEnt.com EmeritusEnt.com 
Urban/Pop Music Multi-Threat Corey El Releasing Empowering New Single “Nothing Like You” 
(Washington, DCMarch 24, 2015 – Urban/pop songwriter, producer and singer Corey El has released his brand-new original single “Nothing Like You” via Emeritus Entertainment. The work is his first video production and enhances the story of the song with moving pictures taken from his own memories and the journey he took to create the song. The video release will be followed by series of hand-crafted EPs and a series of live shows. 
“Nothing Like You” was written, arranged, performed and produced entirely by Corey El and features layers of original hip-hop-inspired beats alongside pop melodies, with lyrics that encourage others to stay true to their authentic selves even when confronted by bullies who try to limit their dreams. Corey El felt pulled to write the song when he realized the shortage of positive music with lyrics that truly empower young people in the urban genre. 

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