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The Scheme – aptly named due to their constant need to always have the next big plan – are smartly defining a name for themselves on the international music scene as ‘the band to watch’.  Their distinct voices, arrangements, musicianship and talent for writing bloody good songs, are the reason why their first track notched up over 400,000 hits on youtube; and that was before their publicity machine even kicked into gear!  Their loyal fans, dubbed ‘Schemers’, are clearly making sure that their band get the exposure they truly deserve.
Welcome Kris, Kyle and Aleskey; who together form the perfect package of The Scheme. Each are formidable vocalists in their own right, but the harmonies their voices create are truly off the hook.  Blending into a distinctive sound that’s somewhere betwixt The Script meets Lawson, these boys are creating a vibe like no other musical fusion out there. Look beyond the hoards of screaming fans and enviable jaw-dropping image and you’ll find a solid 3-piece whose melodies and lyrics are comparable to some of the best in the business.
Despite their youth, The Scheme have many years of experience in the music business. Kyle began classical piano training at 10 and joined his first band at 16, Kris took the lead in a school musical at the tender age of 6 and joined his first band at 15, whilst Aleksey picked up his first guitar at the age of 12 and was instantly given the guitar solo in his school’s production of ‘We Will Rock You’.
Having dabbled in numerous day jobs including waiting at Burger King, right through to scrubbing coach floors, the boys have always had one single plan: to write, produce and perform music.  That’s been their single-minded ambition, the plan of a lifetime - which is why their name, The Scheme, is so apt.
Writing and co-writing all their own music, their songs are organic with a spine-tingling acoustic vibe. Fused with the heartfelt lyrics that are poignant and invoke an emotional response, these boys are creating catchy musical masterpieces that audiences are clambering after.
Musical chemistry can’t be manufactured and discovering friendship that comes hand-in-hand with talent and outstanding musical ability is almost impossible – almost!  The Scheme are the lucky ones as a fortuitous meeting at Tileyard Recording Studios led Kris (from Liverpool) to form an instant bond with Orlando born, Kyle.  Previously, Kyle had made a name for himself on a US show called ‘Big In America’ (which gave him an almighty and loyal fan base); whilst Kris had been in many bands and perfected his craft on the live music circuit.  In late 2012, Kris and Kyle met at a studio in London and there, The Scheme was born.
The Scheme based themselves in Berlin to begin songwriting their early tracks and very quickly an entire catalogue of songs had been written.  WithINFLUENCES ranging the full spectrum from The Script, The Beatles, One Republic, Coldplay, Queen, right through to Justin Timberlake, Michael Jackson, Jill Scott and Alicia Keyes it becomes clear how The Scheme have created a sound so different and fresh. As a band there’s no ‘front man’, no ‘lead’ – each of these boys are an individual supreme talent who have discovered that it’s their combined mix that makes them unique.  Individually they’re good, together The Scheme are unmistakably brilliant.
The Scheme cut an awesome image, with a sound and talent strong enough to make them as good as they look.  The band have even generated impressive brand attention from the likes of Lacoste Footwear, Crafter Guitars, RedwingSHOES, All Saints, Boo Hoo, Gibson Guitars, Penfield, and Firetrap - all of whom have either shown the band support and/or gifted clothing. For a band set to release their debut album later this year, things don’t get better than this! 

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