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Kevin Beadles - Shouldn' (single)

Indie pop-rock americana


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Award-winning songwriter who mixes one part hook-laden indie pop-rock with two parts quirky Americana. His music unites classic rock with the back porch drawl of gospel, blues and alt country. What you get is roots music with plenty of branches.

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Artist Biography

• Grand Prize Winner of the  West Coast Songwriters International Song Contest 2015
• Grand Prize Winner of the Great American Song Contest 2014
• Signed by Ripple Music - debut CD reached #4 on CMJ charts
• Music licensed to MTVDiscovery Channel & more
• Interviews/Reviews in USA Today, Classic Rock, GuitarWorld, Rock and Roll Report & more
• South-by-Southwest Festival 2012-2014
• Featured Artist (2x each): My Tune TV (KMVT 15), Next Big Thing podcast (Cologne, Germany), Linda Seabright's On the Road Again! (KRCB 91FM, NPR affiliate), Live From Bay 6 (Harwood Podcast Network)

 "Kevin Beadles is clearly a force to be reckoned with.  His songs are emotionally complex, ingenuously crafted and instantly appealing.  He is a gifted new artist who truly impresses on every level." --Steve Cahill, Executive Director, Great American Song Contest
• "Kevin Beadles is an amazing artist who manages to go deep while maintaining a pop sensibility that is irresistible." --Scott Mathews, multi-platinum producer/arranger/musician (Elvis Costello, Neil Young, Johnny Cash, Van Morrison, etc.)
• "Beadles plays a sublime kind of music… In many respects, You Can't Argue with Water is cleansing… nurturing our thirst for pristine talent." --Bill Sullivan, Senior Music Writer, Rock and Roll Report
• "Kevin's lyrics are inspired, insightful and quirky.  He writes hooky songs about real life and delivers them with a passionate, soulful voice."  --Steve Seskin, grammy-nominated writer of seven #1 songs

 Kevin live in Berkeley, California with his wife, 3 sons & 3 cats.  When not creating music, he coaches Little League and performs eye surgery.

Press Release
SHOULDN' - new single & video
release date January 6, 2016
The newest single from the Grand Prize Winner of both the Great American Song Contest & West Coast Songwriters International Song Contest...
Whether it's Hoyt Axton's "Boney Fingers," Hank Williams, Jr.'s "Family Tradition," or Gretchen Wilson's "Redneck Woman," redneck anthems have always occupied a place of honor in the country music pantheon.
To this, I humbly submit my shameless salute to the genre.
"You can tell me that I shouldn'... but I ain't shouldn' on myself!"
• Written by Kevin Beadles (Wieldy Tunes/ASCAP)
• Performed by Kevin Harris (drums, tambourine, bass, acoustic & electric guitars, banjo, piano, backing vocals)
  & Kevin Beadles (vocals)
• Produced by Kevin Harris & Kevin Beadles
• Engineered & Mixed by Kevin Harris
• Mastered by Sage Audio
" Shouldn' " Music Video available on YouTube
Warning:  Not suitable for children or folks with good taste.
This here’s a parody of “Young Country” videos in all their redneck anthem glory!
• Directed, Shot & Edited by Andre Welsh
• Written & Produced by Mitch Constanza
• Mitch Costanza — “Early”
• Bunny Stewart —  Quintessential “Young Country” Music Video Hottie
• Cheyenne Costanza — Neighbor’s Daughter
• Michelle Wight & Allie Spencer — Lady Bartenders
• Rob Greenwald — Beer Drinker
• Courtney Welsh — “Sassy Voice Over”
• Todd “The Dog” Welsh — As Himself

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