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James Kilbane - Gravel & Grace

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In Ireland James Kilbane is a leading voice in Christian and country gospel music. James is an experienced performer and tours regularly at home and abroad with his country influenced gospel and faith based events. Country and easy listening.

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The Story So Far............ James Kilbane is now a multi-platinum selling Christian, country gospel and Irish singer. James Kilbane was the runner up in Ireland's national talent television show You're A Star (Irish version of American Idol) in 2003 / 2004. Since then he has established his career with his mix of gospel, Christian, country and folk music. Music Career Since his success in You're a Star, Kilbane has gone on to record and release a number of well received albums including King of the Road, Close to You, Hymns of Praise, Divine Love, Life's Miracle, Heart to Heart, Glory and Grace, Songs Of Ireland, River of Grace as well as his Christmas album titled The Christmas Collection. In March 2012 he released his ninth album Gravel & Grace. Songs of Faith, Life & Hope. The album was launched at Lorain Correctional Institution, Grafton Prison in Grafton, Ohio, USA following an invitation extended from the institutions inmates to James to give a special concert at the prison that took place during St. Patrick's week 2012. The Gravel & Grace album includes many popular songs and previously released radio singles. Many of Kilbane’s albums are Nashville and Irish collaborations. One of these projects was in 2008 he released on his fourth Gospel album Heart to Heart was a new anthem for the House of the Virgin Mary titled "Mary's House, Our Lady of Ephesus". Mary's House is located at Meryem Ana Evi, Ephesus, Turkey. In March 2013 James released his first compilation album and is released in association with Veritas Publications in Dublin and Gold Eagle Music titled The Songs of Faith Collection. Veritas are Ireland's leading Christian publishers and retail group for religious publications, media and goods. The album was released to celebrate the Year of Faith and presents 20 tracks giving a flavour of 200 years of Irish Christian and faith based music that many have held dear in prayer and in their spiritual lives. In 2014 Kilbane released his first faith concept album 'River of Grace' with the theme of God's river flowing in Holy Scripture to this day. In March 2015 Kilbane with Gold Eagle Music and Veritas Publications have released his latest album Mary: The Lord's servant . This work is a mix of traditional and contemporary songs drawing on Scripture and prayer to highlight aspects of the life of Mary the mother of Jesus Christ. In this album she emerges not only as a devoted disciple of her Son, but also a faithful wife, a refugee, a home-maker, a caring neighbour and a loving human being. This album collection is of 25 recordings spanning Kilbane’s past twelve years of studio work. There are many well-loved hymns as well as contemporary songs that honour Mary's story and memory. James has also included a selection of hymns about Mary that were part of his childhood and teenage years as well as a new recording, 'If Jesus comes tomorrow, what then?' The album also features verses sourced of Sacred Scriptures in which we hear the voices of the ancient prophet Isaiah, the Gospel writers St. John and St. Luke, and strains of the Book of Revelation. James Kilbane continued........... James Kilbane is not a conformist and has not always aligned his work or beliefs to the usual practices of the Irish music industry. Grand Ole Opry legend George Hamilton IV bestowed Kilbane with the title “The Lone Ranger of country music” after hearing his music and story. Kilbane has experienced most of his success through working in an independent manner through the label Gold Eagle Music. Independently he has been able to explore and develop alternative music ideas to great success. For a number of years Kilbane was mentored by the double Grammy award winning and music legend Steve Popovich Sr. of Cleveland International Records. Popovich took a keen interest in Kilbane’s career and contributed a great deal of knowledge and advice to Kilbane’s development and to several of his album releases. Over the years Kilbane has worked with other leading music, media and production personalities as Gavin Murphy, Bill Shanley, Maire Breathnach, Ciaran Byrne and James Blennerhassett. In 2012 Kilbane was voted "Irish Gospel Singer of the Year" for his music and work. In June 2012 James and his country band were invited to perform a selection of his Country Gospel music as part of the 50th International Eucharistic Congress in RDS Arena in Dublin, Ireland. Kilbane continues to contribute to other major religious events in Ireland which include major events at the international shrine of Knock. He has been involved in Irish cross border religious music events and projects. He continues to record and tour at home and abroad. He is currently working on three major projects that will be worked and released in 2016. Over the past six years James has also been a leading member of the cast in the hit Irish Celtic Summer stage show "The Legend of Grainne Mhaol". James has also contributed to heritage publications that include the book "Traditional Coastal Boats of Ireland" published by Collins Press.

Press Release
“Gravel and Grace” Irish Singer launched his 10th album in US jail on 2nd July 2012 at Grafton Prison, Grafton, Ohio, USA.  Popular Irish Country Gospel singer James Kilbane launched the Gravel & Grace album following 2 years in production and working with Nashville writers and Steve Popovich Sr on the project.  On a Sunday in March of that year James and his country band, sang to an audience of prisoners and armed guards in the prison hall performing songs from his latest album and previous eight album releases as well as a selection of classics from the Rolling stones, Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash and Kris Kristofferson. James was performing at the invitation of the Grafton Prison inmates, who became fans of his work and music through the internet and visitors to the prison. Grafton is a high security prison, and some of the worst forms of crime have been committed by the prisoners there. “And I was made aware of that from the start”, says Kilbane. “A sense of their victims and the pain they had inflicted never left me, even standing in front of them. But I felt I needed to be there and recognise their dignity as human beings and acknowledge that they were loved by God no matter what. It was an honour to be invited”. One prisoner in the front row of the audience made a particular impact on him. “I was singing, and he was staring continually at me. I felt disconcerted and decided I would try and reach out to him. I moved to my Irish songs and noticed he was wearing a green baseball cap with a shamrock on it. I referred to him as ‘my Irish friend ‘and he was totally transformed. The wall between us crumbled, and I think it was because he felt acknowledged and that I cared. Kilbane sang for almost two hours and received a standing ovation from prisoners and the armed prison guards. “It was an amazing experience and I was welcomed to that prison on St Patrick’s week, as warmly as any of our politicians on their trade trips that week to America”. He also spent time speaking with the prisoners learning about the prison which has innovative programmes for over two thousand inmates, both white and Afro-American. “Abandoned puppies are trained by prisoners and made available to families and communities; others work on the prison farm, their produce being used within the prison and sold outside. The prisoners can also avail of education programmes, rehabilitating them for release into paid employment and some of those who learn library work become highly skilled in Braille. They have a number of choirs and a few art groups too”. Kilbane describes his latest album as ‘songs of faith, life and hope’, adding, “The songs are for people who are struggling and challenged by life’s pressures like addiction, separation and exclusion. But the most important thing about the album for me is that it brings love and hope. It seemed to work for prisoners, staff and prison officials because since my return I’ve received another invitation to go back in the coming year.” Gravel & Grace has eleven contemporary country songs that include six Nashville originals alongside some country classics recorded in Kilbane’s own unique style. This is Kilbanes ninth album release of which a number have now reached platinum sales. James has just finished staring in a twenty week sell out summer season of the hit show “The Legend of Grainne Mhaol” at Hotel Westport, Co. Mayo as well as dates in England and performing in this year’s Eucharistic Congress that was held in last June in Dublin. From October James will be back on the road with concerts across the country in hotels, halls, community centres, churches and theatres including the Blue Haven Hotel on Sunday October 7th at 8pm. For more information contact the hotel reception at 074 97 38090 for tickets and details. To learn more about James his music and work then see jameskilbane.net. For Further Information Contact: Gold Eagle Music: +353 98 45671. Email: info@foxydisks.net www.jameskilbane.net ‘Gravel & Grace. Songs of Faith, Life & Hope’.o Track Listing: 1. Pretty Amazing Grace. 2. Gravel and Grace. 3. Sunday Morning Coming Down. 4. Thank Heaven For You. 5. In My Daughter’s Eyes. 6. Mama’s Roses. 7. When My Race Is Run. 8. Boats to Build. 9. Come Follow Me. (The Nazarene Song) 10. I’ll Know When I Get There. 11. You Were.

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