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Dare To Be Dreamers - Still Young

Electronic / Pop / Hip Hop

San Diego
United States

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An exhilarating journey through sound and space, this album tells the story of a young boy with a daring dream. Massive drums, epic synths, beautiful soundscapes, catchy anthems and hints of EDM & hip hop make for a thrilling listening experience.

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Dare To Be Dreamers has not even been together for one year, and already the band has toured internationally, released two music videos that have been seen by over 200,000 YouTubers, been nominated for the San Diego Music Awards, and been featured on FOX, NBC and CW stations in six states.
Dare To Be Dreamers is a San Diego band. Their sound combines massive drums, synths & soundscapes with hints of EDM and Hip Hop. They use music & film to inspire hope. Dare To Be Dreamers launched a Dream Partners initiative to make dreams come true for children in need and struggling families.
Their debut album Still Young was release in June 2015. Their first music video "Still Young" premiered on YouTube June 23, 2015 and featured Ryan Stamper. He was the first dream they made come true. Ryan was born with Down Syndrome, adopted at three weeks old, and survived Leukemia at age two. His life long dream is to be a movie star so Dare To Be Dreamers made him the star of their music videos.
"Still Young" reached over 150,000 viewers within the first week of release and was featured on FOX, NBC, and CW stations across the nation. 
Their second music video "Making Believe" premiered on YouTube January 11, 2016. The film was a direct sequel to "Still Young" and once again featured Ryan Stamper and up & coming actress Alyson Ramos.
The film was used to make a dream come true for Raylea Morgan. Raylea is a three year old girl in Texas fighting for her life. She has endured 17 surgeries including a liver transplant. Because of high medical bills her family was losing their home. 
Dare To Be Dreamers made her wish come true on January 1st, 2016, when they flew Raylea and her family to Disneyland to spend the day with Ryan and the entire Dare To Be Dreamers band. Dare To Be Dreamers then presented Raylea's family with a check for $10,000 to stop the foreclosure on their house.
Dare To Be Dreamers is led by singer, songwriter, and producer Jason David. The band has toured Ryan's home state of Arizona, as well as an international three week tour in the Philippines (where Dare To Be Dreamers singer/rapper Tiffany Schumert was born)

Press Release
 Through music and film San Diego band delivers dream to local three-year-old fighting for her life

Dare To Be Dreamers debut "Making Believe" video inspired by young girl’s Disneyland wish

Following the successful 2015 release of their first music video "Still Young," the San Diego band Dare To Be Dreamers have announced the debut of their sequel video "Making Believe." Dedicated and inspired by a young girl who was born with Citrullinemia, a rare disorder affecting the Urea Cycle, "Making Believe" was the result of her dream to go to Disneyland. Struggling through medical bills and other expenses, Dare To Be Dreamers set out to help her family and to inspire hope.
Shot in Hollywood, "Making Believe" features a female character who has received an eviction notice and is about to lose her home. As she drifts off to sleep she’s swept into a fairytale setting as a princess, and enjoys the worry free company of an inviting crowd as they dance in a magical castle. The video also features footage of the happy three-year-old as she journeys through Disneyland and meets Mickey and Minnie. "Making Believe" is available on Youtube athttp://buff.ly/1TSX42A
On their quest to change lives through their music and film projects Dare To Be Dreamers have made it their mission to help struggling families and young kids whose dreams hold little reality. Last year, the band was a viral hit when their video "Still Young" featuring a young boy with Down Syndrome received over 100,000 views within the first week and the story was featured on several local stations in major cities across America.
Through their Dream Partner initiative, Dare To Be Dreamers have facilitated the wishes of a young boy and young girl, reunited a mother and son after 14 years, raised money to prevent a family’s home from foreclosure, and sponsored a trip to Disneyland. For more information on how to become a Dream Partner, please visit www.DareToBeDreamers.com
About Dare To Be Dreamers
Dare To Be Dreamers is a San Diego based band using their music & films to inspire hope and make dreams come true. Their debut album "Still Young" is an exhilarating journey through sound and space. Massive drums, epic synths, beautiful soundscapes, catchy anthems and hints of EDM & hip hop make for a thrilling listening experience.

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