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Back Up Jackson - ... Makes Another Record!

Ska, Alternative, Indie, Punk

New Jersey
United States

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Back Up Jackson is a ska-fusion band hailing from Central New Jersey. Mixing eclectic influences, complex arrangements and their trademark musical hyperactivity, Back Up Jackson has been "Skanking it to the Man since 2001."

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Jersey Ska band Back Up Jackson was formed in the winter of 2001 when original members Jay Butkowski, Dayv Frost and Rob Nelson (and a bunch of other guys and gals) organized on the campus of The College of New Jersey. Shortly after its debut, the band tweaked its line-up, adding Dave Santin on guitar, Jay's brother Chris (originally on Tenor), Dave Rattner on Trombone, and Reggie Dizon on keys. Adding in saxophonist extraordinaire Greg Grispart and permanent fill-in drummer Robbie LaFalce, the band has played colleges and clubs, bars and backyards, bringing their mix of high-energy virtuosity and eclectic influences to audiences in Central Jersey and beyond throughout the early part of the 2000s.

Recently, the band has been on a touring hiatus, but has been busy in the studio, completing their second studio album (fourth altogether, if you count the live-recorded "Money-Making Scheme #1" and "Money-Making Scheme #2").  Check out Back Up Jackson ... Makes Another Record! available now wherever quality digital music is sold!

Press Release
Contact: Jason Butkowski, 732-670-9798, email jtbutkowski@gmail.com

Back Up Jackson Makes Another Record!

Long-time New Jersey Ska Band Debuts Second Studio Album

WOODBRIDGE -- After a brief hiatus, long-time New Jersey ska scene stalwarts Back Up Jackson are at it again, releasing their second studio album, Back Up Jackson ... Makes Another Record!
"It's been a long time (since the release of 2006's Back Up Jackson Conquers the World!), but I think the scene is as vibrant as it's been in quite a while, and we've got something interesting to add to the mix," said lead singer Jason Butkowski.  "Since the last CD, I think the guys in the band have grown up quite a bit, started families, careers, and while I would never go so far as to say that our sound has 'matured,' I think this new album finds us in a much different headspace."
The new album features 10 tracks which reflect the band's trademark eclectic influences, high energy, complex musical arrangements and a pervading sense of humor.  Instrumentation is fluid -- when a song calls for an Irish folk feel, for example, the multi-instrumentalists in the band reach into their respective bags of tricks and augment the traditional 8-piece ska-punk setup with Irish tin whistle, accordion, mandolin and bodhran.  The result is a sound that's firmly rooted in ska's Third Wave while blending and bending various musical genres.
"We are, and have always been, a ska band, but I think that with the realization that ska is a genre which feeds off cross-genre experimentation in order to evolve, there comes a lot of freedom -- almost a mandate -- to explore," said Butkowski.  "I think ska has always been defined by what it brought to the table -- initially fusing Mento and Calypso with R&B and Jazz, throwing Punk and Mod into the mix with the 2 Tone era, doubling down on Punk and Pop Punk during the Third Wave.  I think a lot of the genre's appeal owes a great debt to the fact that ska is a musical melting pot, and we've definitely brought that philosophy to bear when putting together Back Up Jackson ... Makes Another Record!"
The album was produced over a number of years and in various recording spaces across the country.  Bassist Dayv Frost served as album producer and recording engineer, as well as handling various other instrumental duties.  Back Up Jackson ... Makes Another Record! was mixed by Paul Ian Bailey and mastered by Richard Barron at Sonora Recorders, and CD manufacturing and other distribution and finalization costs were funded by a successful Kickstarter campaign.
"We're so grateful to everyone who helped get us across the finish line," said Butkowski.  "Whether it was the talented musicians, recording professionals, illustrators and artists -- or just friends and family sparing a couple bucks -- we couldn't have done it without all of you.  We hope you all enjoy this album as much as we enjoyed putting it all together."
For more information about Back Up Jackson, please visit their website, http://www.backupjackson.com.

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