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Carl Thornton - I Remember

Urban Pop

NY - New York
United States

Band Description

"I Remember" has an urban pop groove, with an electrifying base line, pulsating beat and powerhouse chorus line that drives hard, the soulful message of a heart that's been broken. It leaves the listener captivated and spellbound!

Artist Biography

Carl has been performing professionally for 10 years.  His talents have taken him to Austria, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Holland, Istanbul and Portugal.  In 2012 he was contracted to tour and sing in China, in cities such as Shanghai, Gangzhou, Fuzhou and Hong Kong at the Starlight Dance Clubs.
He has currently collaborated with DJ/Producer team Carpo&Come,  and has a single "C'Mon Me" being released on acclaimed House Label Jango in February 2016.  He is currently living in New York.  One of Carl's favorite quotes is "nothing ventured, nothing gained",  -- words he lives by daily.  He takes his musical inspiration is from John Legend, Pharrell Williams, and Usher.  His idol is Stevie Wonder.

Press Release
LOS ANGELES, Calif. - New York based Singer-Songwriter Carl Thornton follows up his latest hit "Keep Dancin" with an Urban Pop song.  
With an irrestible beat and lyrics it has a pulsuating, electrifying base line, and powerhouse chorus that drives hard the soulful message of a heart that's been shattered.  It leaves the listener both captivated and spellbound.
After performing professionally for 10 years, Thornton has big plans to live out his dream to become a force on the dance/pop music scene.  The song "I Remember" completes  his debut mini EP out now.
"With this song, I wanted to express candidly the heartache I endured after a 7 year relationship ended suddenly and without warning.  Although I was devastated and felt completely betrayed, I was determined to bounce back with more determination than ever."
Carl has been performing professionally for ten years.  His talents has taken him to Austria, Germany, Portugal, Spain, Italy, France, Dubai and Istanbul.  He has recently collaborated with DJ/Producer team Carpo&Comes and has a single "C'Mon Me" being released on acclaimed house label Jango Music in February 2016.
"I Remember" is available now on iTunes.

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