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Balligomingo - Tranceology


Band Description

Produced, written and mixed by Vic Levak.

Except ‘In Motion’ written by Vic Levak and Geraldo Dominelli, ‘Never Will Be’ written by

Vic Levak, Geraldo Dominelli and Jaclyn A. Smith. Musicians • Vic Levak Guitars, Piano, Vocals,

Arranging, Programming • Geraldo Dominelli Piano, Keyboards, Bass Guitar on ‘Premonition’,

‘In Motion’ and ‘Never Will Be’ • Sandra Volodoff Vocal Chants on ‘Shine’ and ‘Afterlife’ •

Jaclyn A. Smith Vocals on ‘Never Will Be’ • Ana Velinova Vocal Chant on ‘Premonition’.

Additional Production on ‘In Motion’ and ‘Never Will Be’ by Geraldo Dominelli.

Ana Velinova appears Courtesy of Ward Street Records.

Cover Art by Cherry Yuet. Cover Design by Vic Levak and Jenn Ashton.

Mastered at Hush Sound.

Thanks to Aldo and Zora Levak, Rob Levak, Ana Velinova, Jenn Ashton, Geraldo Dominelli,

Sandra Volodoff, Jaclyn A. Smith, Cherry Yuet, Jerry Sintich, Jerry Wong, Jody Quine,

Nick Darcy and Chris Doskoch

Vic Levak 2015 TRANCEOLOGYmusic.com

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Artist Biography

 Vancouver, BC's own RCA/BMG recording artist Vic Levak is part of the uber successful group
"Balligomingo". Along with his new his solo Project "Tranceology" Vic Levak has produced and
composed for a diverse clientele; he has charted on Billboard and recently received multi-platinum status with Filipino artist Sarah Geronimo.

Artists Vic has worked with include: Loverboy (Columbia), Mike Reno, Sarah Geronimo (Viva
Records), Mary Zilba, Elise Estrada (XOXO Entertainment), Delerium (Nettwerk), Mark Ballas
(Dancing With The Stars) and Marc Nelson (Boyz II Men) skilled in everything from
songwriting/composing and production, to mixing and mastering, Vic can bring to life a project to its
fullest potential.

Recent film credits include HellCats (The CW), Senator Obama Goes To Africa, Cursed (Wes
Craven), Queer As Folk, The 4400 (Paramount) and Dancing Ninja (ATM Motionwide).
Corporate and label clients include Chrysalis Music (LA), SONY/BMG, RCA, Nettwerk Productions and XOXO Entertainment.
Press Release
'TRANCEOLOGY' a new CD from Balligomingo's Vic Levak
Vancouver, Canada October 10, 2015: One of the lower mainland's most sought after
Producers has finally set some time aside this year to produce an album of his own.
Balligomingo's Vic Levak is no stranger to chill vibes after being at the head of the
Balligomingo success story for over a decade. That together with his experience working
with bands such as Loverboy, Delerium, Kristy Thirsk and more, has set him up for
success with his first solo release: TRANCEOLOGY.
"I feel like Tranceology is a natural evolution of Balligomingo. It has a more chillout vibe,
but it doesn't stray far from the family tree. These tracks were made with Balli fans in
mind, but I'm hoping everybody finds something in here to love." Says Levak from his
studio in Burnaby, BC. "We've had some great response to it so far, and I'm really
looking forward to getting the music out into the world."
Praise for TRANCEOLOGY: "VIc Levak has always been a fantastic writer and musician. His new
solo release "Tranceology" displays his penchant for writing soaring and beautiful melodies. The music is
varied and lush, ranging from ambient/chillout to solo piano and acoustic pieces. Fans of Enigma, Achillea,
Mythos and Balligomingo will absolutely love this album. Definitely music for an epic getaway." Justin
Elswick - Sleepthief
"There are some things in life that get better with time, Vic Levak is one of them. I don't know
how he does it, but every record he does is better than the last. Play this record from start to
finish and you will see what I mean. This record is as close to perfect as it gets, and you can
take that to the bank!" Mike Reno - Loverboy
On October 21st 'TRANCEOLOGY
Will be available at online sellers worldwide, or visit us now
for a signed edition at:
To inquire about blog & radio tours, Google hangout interviews and sales
please CONTACT: Jenn Ashton
RaveOnStudio@me.com / (1)604.985.3007 / Raveonstudio.com


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