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Neal Storme

Indy Rock with East Coast Twing

United States

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I just write songs Thank you for taking a listen, it makes me want to play when folks like you take the time out to check me out.MY New CD "AY B Si~" will be out soon.

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Hi Folks, I am Neal Storme, I am a Singer Songwriter, Guitarist and I have produced and co-produced for many NW Artists, Reggie Garrett and the Snake Oil Peddlers, Cecil Berry, Mary Chinni, Greg Blanke, Susan Harper, Billy Duane and the Creepers, Nate Breed and many more. I have Produced, Production Managed, Stage Managed, Run Monitors, FOH, Set up and participated in many events as staff and as a volunteer in the Seattle Area for Many Years. I was CEO and co-owner and of Northern Stars Studio, Ltd. Rehearsal - Recording - Production for many years.
Growing up moving all over the USA, I was able to listen to all kinds of music. From the early morning gospel at a Tent church on Rainier Avenue in Seattle after my paper route; to the TEX MEX sounds in Phoenix , to the Italians singing in the Streets on Providence, R.I. to the days after I left home (quite early) at Moratorium Day in Washington, D.C. My parents house either you listened to Jim Reeves and Tammy Wynette (my Mom) or Harry James and most of the other Big Bands (my Step-father) to my older Brother Bill and the Beatles and Stones, to my sister and the Top 40. After leaving home, I went to any and every Be-In Festival or Concert I could beg borrow or work my way into. I was caught as a runaway in '69 and was "subjected" to all the free concerts every weekend at the Waikiki Shell what a gas. I listen today to everything I can get a chance to hear.
Ok.... A lot of folks have emailed me and left messages asking if I was or am a Street Musician or Busker. Yes, that was me and sometimes still me. Yes that is me on the Mural of Street Musicians on the Second level of the Pike Place Market, Seattle, WA. I played Street Music here in Seattle for many years. I also Busked at the Square in Georgetown in Washington, D.C. , Venice Beach, California, Washington Square, NYC; and various other places around the Country. 

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