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Marianna was born on 14/04/1976 to Palermo, Sicily. Singer/songwriter/arranger/ musician/producer, since twelve year-old, she has begun to write songs and study piano at the conservatory of music.

She played guitar and sang in the church. After the high school, she decides to enroll at the university, and contemporarily she sings in the places of her city and she studies vocal technique and modern vocal.

Marianna has participated at the selections of a lot of demonstrations as the "premio De Andrè", "festival of San Marino", "popstar", "sanremo musical","Xfactor", italia's got talent, Demo Rai radio 1, tour music fest 2011, ecc. she graduates in languages and foreign literatures. She has written songs, sonorous columns, soundtracks for Usa, Japan, European countries.
She sings at the "theater Biondo" for a cultural demonstration to the presence of the mayor of Palermo and sings at the "theater Orione-Spicuzza", “theater Dante” and others….
During these years she has known many musicians that have collaborated with her to realize the first album with 10 songs country/blues/pop " welcome to siren's blog"(2009) and than the rock single “ Improvisation”(2011) with the official video, the pop single “ Una favola” (2012) with the official video, and the jazz version of “Improvisation” (2012) . In 2014 she realize her second album with pop/rock songs: Non meno di zero” and any official videos.

Her songs are available online on itunes, Nokia music store, Amazon and all internet stores. Marianna has invented a new musical style: the countryblue/pop. Since 2011 she decides subsequently, to increase her musical experiences studying the jazz at the conservatory of music.


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