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Meresha - New Revolution

Eclecto-pop, Electronic

West Palm Beach
United States

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Meresha introduces her "New Revolution" with a video by 5X MTV VMA nominee (Pitbull, Magic!, Christina Aguilera, Lil' Wayne). Words and music by Meresha. Someone said “a musical baby of Joss Stone and Björk”.

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Meresha - "New Revolution"  
Genre: Electronica, eclecto-pop
Alien-loving vegan singer, songwriter, musician, composer and producer – at only 18 years old, Meresha recently launched her EP “new revolution”.  She is a force to be reckoned with. 
Many artists talk about chasing their dream and following whatever path is laid out in front of them. Truthfully, though, most of them never leave their hometowns and cities and expect it all to come to them. Then you have Meresha. She was born and raised in Warsaw, Poland, and was influenced deeply by artists such as Robert Plant, Joss Stone, Freddie Mercury, Björk, Hayley Williams and James Blake as she honed her craft. By the age of 15, she knew it was time to put her money where mouth is and uprooted her life and her family and relocated to sunny Florida in order to pursue her music career. With her “New Revolution” video, it’s very apparent that she is “in it to win it,” and cuts no corners in her pursuit of perfection.  

With the release of "New Revolution", Meresha plans to take the world by storm. A trendsetter, Meresha became the first artist to launch an EP exclusively on the new social media site tsu, one week before it was available publicly. She made videos with the CEO, prominent tsu users, the tsu leadership team as well as prominent charities ahead of the launch. 

What makes Meresha’s music extraordinary is her determination to utilize each and every one of her talents. Meresha wrote and sung every song on her album, and as a pianist, guitarist and drummer, she composed and performed each song as well. Her sound – a soulful voice with modern beats – is a unique blend that people crave. “New Revolution”, the title track on her EP, is a celebratory song that Meresha hopes each listener will interpret to be meaningful for his or her own “revolution”. “New Revolution” recently won or was semi-finalist in several global music competitions, and was praised by the music press and has received extensive global radio play. 
For the “New Revolution” video, Meresha enlisted 5 time MTV VMA nominee David Rousseau (Pitbull, Magic!, Enrique Iglesias, LMFAO, Christina Aguilera, Lil’ Wayne) to helm the director’s chair. The resulting collaboration is one of pure energy and excitement. At only 18 years old Meresha shows a knack and comfort level in front of the camera that most of us can only dream of. Just like most revolutions, the video happens on the street. Meresha and her crew find themselves drawn to an old boom box and alleyways adorned with spray pain murals. The choreography is loose but meticulous, and the overall vibe of the video lands somewhere between the carefree attitude of the Summer Of Love and the hustle of the streets of early NYC hip-hop.  
One of Meresha’s favorite songs on the album, “you”, is more personal. She invites you to witness her “softer side” and tells a story she’s crafted about two individuals who admire each other but don’t know how the other feels.  A powerful ballad that demonstrates the range of her voice, it is a bit mysterious, but ends well for the song’s heroes.  
Other songs on the EP include the cool “lemonade city” and smooth “august". 
Haven’t heard Of Meresha yet?  You soon will, if she achieves her proclaimed goal of taking over the world.  She promises, though, to be a benevolent leader…

Press Release
Whats your “New Revolution”?

As you might know, I recently put out an EP album called “New Revolution”
Today, I am putting out the video to the title track and wanted to share this with you first. The video was shot in Miami in the very cool Wynwood district. You can see some of the amazing street art and street scenes in the video. Experience the “New Revolution”!
I’m trying to make it on the charts as an independent musician and a woman. Ask anyone. They’ll tell you it’s impossible. That’s why I’m doing it.
The Director was David Rousseau. You might not know his name, but you probably have heard of some of the people he has filmed. He did all the Pitbull and Magic! (remember the recent “Rude”) videos, and also worked with Christina Aguilera, Enrique Iglesias, Lil’ Wayne and others. It was amazing to work with him and his team. His work earned his 5 MTV Video Music Awards nominations so far not by accident.

It was also amazing that we managed to film all on one very sunny Florida summer day. It was a 15 hour day overall. The rain started pouring right after we took the last shot (the party scene) and I had to run to my car to just barely escape being drenched.
I hope you like the result. I’ve also been honored to have this song played by an increasing number of radio stations. Last week more stations added “New Revolution” than they did songs of many of the “stars” you might know well.
Let me know in the comments to the video what you think. Really appreciated!
Would also appreciate if you help me get the word out. I don’t have a huge record company army behind me. My fans and supporters are my army.

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