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Davina-Carolin & Gundy - Dusk Till Dawn

Female Vocalist Pop


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Davina-Carolin & Gundy singing beautiful songs with Luna Blanca - Richard Hecks and His Nouveau Flamenco Band - as companion volume.

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Artist Biography

One can never tell where great music will spring forth from. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that sometimes the recourse is a musical family. In this case, Davina-Carolin is the daughter of Richard Hecks and his wife Gundy.

Richard Hecks is the leader and lead guitar player of the famous Nouveau Flamenco Band Luna Blanca. This instrumental group was presented the “Best World Album 2012” award at ZMR in New Orleans for the CD El Dorado.

Richard’s wife Gundy was featured on the Goa Chill out Zone Vol. 5 singing her song “Freedom in Your Soul.”

For her first release, Davina-Carolin appeared with a new cover version of the song “Comptine d’Un Autre Été, L'après-Midi – Amélie from Montmartre [Large Version 2010]”. She plays it in a much laid back style giving the music time to connect straight to the heart of the listeners.

Her latest release "Dusk Till Dawn" is a vocal album, singing together with Gundy and having Luna Blanca - Richard Hecks and His Nouveau Flamenco Band - as companion volumen.

Press Release
An analysis about songplay of Luna Blanca in France showed much more airplay of the song Pirates and Mermaids because of added vocals. So the band produced 2 more songs with Davina-Carolin and Gundy singing together. (Exceptionell: Davin-Carolin sings the lead voice and Gundy the second voice above, Simon and Garfunkel used to sing this way).

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