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Cashalà is an American Singer,Songwriter and Actress with the hit songs "Sweet Good Girl Type" and "Dance Song" from her self titled debut album Cashalà. She has a sweet funky sound that sure to get everyone dancing and singing.

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House of Cash Productions is more than just a production company. It's a chance for Cashalà L'Shauntyelle to show the world just how talented she can be. Many people already know Cashalà for her uniquely smooth voice. She leant that voice to the recent hit singles "Sweet Girl Type" and "Dance Song." Those songs are currently out on Google Play, Amazon, Spotify and iTunes, but she actually has much bigger plans for her recording career. Still, these songs are both exceptional in their own way. "Sweet Girl Type" features poppy vocals that are sure to brighten anyone's day. Though the song has a slick professionally processed sound to it, her acoustic vocal range adds a certain ethereal quality to it that you won't get from today's usual Top 40 hits. "Dance Song" will have you moving along with Cashalà's original rhythmic styling. The sound of the music might lean toward something a little more electronic on this track, but her expressive sound stays true to its roots. A complete album featuring those songs as well as others featuring her soulful vocals and light rhythms will be released in mid October. The lyrical content will be every bit as innovative and unique as everything she's done so far. Cashalà is making a name for herself in terms as a one of a kind performer. She continues to showcase her talents in a wide variety of fields. She's currently writing and producing a side-splittingly funny Internet-based Web video series called Friends in The City. The show, which is about a group of friends who went to college and now have to face challenges in their day-to-day lives, not only receives support from her. Cashalà herself stars in the hit new Internet comedy. It's completely different from anything else that's out there, and it's available worldwide. The fact that their daily lives are a bit different due to the fact that they're trying to break into the entertainment industry has a tendency to make their otherwise orderly selves a little more chaotic than normal. Some of the members of the group end up setting up shop with their good friends, who are a set of biracial fraternal twins. Even the best of friends, however, don't necessarily make the best of roommates. She's had a number of other acting credits to her name already. She's playing Trish in the upcoming movie "It's Time for a Baby" and had roles in several television shows. Having appeared in “The Steve Harvey Show”, “In The House”, “City Guys””, Unfabulous” and  “L.A. Law”, it's obvious that she favors quite a diverse variety of roles. You could say that Cash, as her friends call her, has entertainment in her blood. She was born and raised in LA, and is the great great granddaughter of the famous late 1930s actress Florence O'Brien and Cashalà is the daughter of the famous author Beverly Lishey Stelly. She's also the goddaughter of none other than Wesley Snipes. While being a singer, songwriter, writer, actor, director and producer would be far more than enough for most people, Cashalà isn't most people. The head of House of Cash Productions attended college over at Cal State University in Dominguez Hills. It was there that she had received a Bachelor of Arts in the field of Theatre/Communications. After that she attended the University of Phoenix where she received a Master's in Business Administration.

Press Release
Cashalà was born in Los Angeles, California. She has been featured in various commercials and has guest starred on television shows such as “The Steve Harvey Show”, “In The House”, “City Guys” and “Unfabulous”. She also holds a Master’s Degree in Business Administration as well as a Bachelor’s Degree in Theatre Arts/Communications.Cashalà has made her mark on the entertainment world! Being an already established singer, actor, writer, producer, director and songwriter, Cashalà has just debuted her latest album that is sure to be a lasting hit titled, “Cashalà”, it features her latest hit songs including “Sweet Good Girl Type” and “Dance Song”.  These vibrant songs are currently available on iTunes, Amazon and Google Play and many other sites for listeners everywhere to enjoy.  Her complete album featuring these hit songs will be available in the mid of October. The House of Cash Productions company features much of Cashalà’s own work including her new show “Friends in the City”, which she has written, produced ,directed and stars in. Viewers may watch the show on the website https://www.vimeo.com/ondemand/friendsinthecity.  Fans can enjoy the great talents she has to offer by taking a look at her websites’ www.cashala.com and www.houseofcashproductions.com .

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  1. She is beautiful and I love her music. Can't wait to see her perform live!!!


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