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hooyoosay - The wrong kind of people

poppy soft-rock

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The runaway kid. The slick salesman. The solitary scientist. The desperate housewife. All in the band. And many more. Each leaving a trace. Anonymously. Unspecified. Unidentified. Hey, let's have a laugh and enjoy whatever we like.

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Artist Biography

It was this occasional recording jam that gave birth to hooyoosay, a couple of guys playing some cover songs just for the fun of it, but eventually resulting into an online-stores release.
As some of these guys had their reasons for remaining anonymous, it was decided simply not to credit anyone at all.
Then later, when things further developed into an organized project, this initial coincidence was maintained as a principle: no credits, no live gigs.
So hooyoosay became this peculiar music recording project, having a variety of unnamed and frequently changing collaborators, inevitably displaying a wide diversity in taste and in styles with each release.

- Album  "In Dekay"
- Single-EP  "My Obsession"
- Single-EP  "Don't You Lie To Me"
- Single-EP  "Come On"
- EP  "Googly Goo"
- EP  "The Wrong Kind Of People".

Guitar pop, classic rock, blues, rhythm and blues, light entertainment, middle of the road, indie pop, acoustic pop, synth pop, fun pop, teen pop, chanson pop, vintage pop, euro pop, vaudeville pop, rock and roll, cover songs.

Press Release
hooyoosay: the wrong kind of people?

hooyoosay have a new EP, "The Wrong Kind Of People", delivering four upbeat and essentially poppy tracks, influences however ranging from rock to country.
The overall vibe is feelgood and fun, the word "wrong" being merely ironic, for the message simply is that nothing is wrong, but on the contrary all is absolutely fine.
The title track is the main song, cheerful and happy, abundant with male and female lead vocals and harmonies.
It is followed by "Illusionist at work", a relaxed instrumental, and then further by "The wrong kind of hello", which takes an even more humorous approach to the title track in the form of comedy-rock. The closing track is called "The right kind of friend" and is an uplifting roots-rock country-infused instrumental.

Alex Faulkner reviewed and concluded:
"Overall, this is an excellent E.P. that is joyously free of all commercial considerations and rammed full of musical imagination. If you are bored with the predictable pop of the mainstream, hooyoosay are here to save the day and show you that music is so much more interesting when you veer off the beaten track. Long may they continue."

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