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Cage & Co - Is This The Time?


Newcastle Upon Tyne
Tyne and Wear

Band Description

Cage & Co are a collaboration band from the North East of England. The current line up is Dave Ramshaw, Derek Miller and Nick Foister. They are sometimes described as a pop band with a deep underbelly and conscience.

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Artist Biography

Cage & Co are a collection of songwriters/musicians from the North East of England. They recently have included Dave Ramshaw, Simon Todd, Nick Mao, Paul Harris, Derek Miller, Joe Wealleans and Paul Robson. Their music is currently being played on worldwide internet, and AM/FM radio. A CD, "As The Rich People Stand And Look On" was released by them in the summer of 2013, and is available for download on all major online distribution sites. All proceeds are going to the UK charity Marie Curie Cancer Care.
Derek and Paul Robson were originally together musically in the 1970's, as part of the legendary North East of England band Cirkus. They were extremely popular and recorded some surperb albums that still sell today, and are sought after by record collectors.
Paul Harris is the lead singer in Newcastle UK band Prognosis, who are currently performing around Northern England, and Simon Todd is a singer/songwriter, also from the UK. In 2014 he supported Boo Hewerdine on part of his UK tour.
Dave and Nick were once a duo called Crowded Nation. They recorded numerous albums between 1985 and 1991. They played live many times across North Tyneside and South Northumberland, including live on ITV with ex boxer Frank Bruno, for charity. Their closest brush with fame came in 1992 when Island records showed interest in their music.
Joe Wealleans is the father in law of Dave. Joe is a new starter on the guitar, and was thrilled to play on one of the album tracks in 2013.

Press Release
Cage & Co back on the airwaves

Returning from a quiet first six months of 2015, and after their single "The Best Christmas Ever" YouTube hit of 2014, Cage & Co return to the airwaves.

Their second album "Tyneside On My Mind" is released later this summer. Two songs from the album are currently being promoted and played on AM/FM and internet radio. They are "Is This The Time? and "Pick Up Your Guitar". A YouTube video also accompanies "Is This The Time?"
The album is an eight song project featuring a diversity of different styles, from new world to pop ballads.

The line up of the band includes Derek Miller, Dave Ramshaw and Nick Foister. The album will also feature some old familiar quests, including Simon Todd, Paul Harris and Paul Robson.
The released tracks are already receiving positive feedback in music circles.

Contact Dave Ramshaw 

(email) cagesound@outlook.com for further information.


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