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REBELMANN is the 3 Mann brothers: Clayton Mann, 15, fronts the band while his twin brothers Johnathon and Bryce, 18, play lead lefty guitar and drums. Voted into The Recording Academy, aka The Grammys, in 2013, REBELMANN is rock with the solo!

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Teen Brothers Clayton Mann, 15, and twins Johnathon and Bryce Mann, 18, are REBELMANN. Working on their debut album, the title track, INDIAN LAND, was released May 1, 2015 along with State of Mind and California Mann.


REBELMANN captured "The Most Talented Teens" at the Chicago Music Award in 2012. Because of their musical accomplishments, REBELMANN was voted into The Recording Academy, aka The Grammys, in 2013.  The young band of brothers write, arrange, produce, and perform 100% of their own music.  


Clayton, Johnathon and Bryce have already taken advantage of opportunities that would make some veteran bands envious. One of their most memorable shows came when the teens opened for LA Guns. Making that performance even more memorable  was the fact that it took place on New Year's Eve at the popular Whiskey-a-Go-Go on Sunset Strip in West Hollywood.  

REBELMANN is influenced by arena rock acts AC/DC, Guns' N Roses and KISS. REBELMANN has backlined Gene Simmons and Sebastian Bach at Rock 'N Roll Fantasy Camp Las Vegas; rocked the famed Whisky-a-Go-Go on Sunset Strip, the Hard Rock Chicago to Music Row Nashville.  REBELMANN placed 2nd at the Hard Rock Chicago Battle of the Bands; and placed 3rd in the Best of the Midwest Battle of the Bands in 2013.  REBELMANN has been a touring artist on the anti-bullying The Teen Nation Tour 2013 and 2014.
And while some artists admit to being “late bloomers” when it comes to developing their musical, vocal, and performance skills, it was apparent from an early age that Clayton, Bryce, and John had their combined sights set on careers in the music industry.
John is my twin so we always did everything together when we were younger,” says Bryce. “John started taking drum lessons so I started taking drum lessons too. We can be competitive so I had to be better than him. And now I am!”
John shrugs off Bryce's banter saying he was actually drawn to guitar since he was around five-years-old. He became even more enthralled with the instrument when he started performing at recitals. Clayton tells a similar story.
“I have always loved music. I remember being hooked on guitar after playing in a recital when I was ten,” Clayton remembers. “I knew I wanted to do it again and again. I wanted to take it bigger and to the next level even then.”
Even with such great opportunities presenting themselves for the band, all three members of REBELMANN have focused on keeping their feet on the ground and using their music to help others. They were part of a recent Teen Nation Tour, which reaches out to youth all over the United States to deliver a strong message against bullying. Teen Nation shows saw REBELMANN performing in several states, including Texas, Michigan, Mississippi, Georgia, and more.
“Bullying is such a big problem,” states Clayton. “Making a difference in the schools is a big deal and it is better for kids to hear about bullying from kids their own age instead of an adult. We shared our stories of bullying and that helped them share their stories.”
John echoed Clayton's comments knowing full well what it is like to be a little bit different from everybody else. The energetic guitar player was diagnosed with Auditory Processing Disorder. APD encompasses a wide range of hearing problems but, in John's case, it makes it difficult for him to process differences in vowel sounds.
“Kids are intimidated to tell their stories,” he points out. “No one wants to tell an adult but, after they hear us tell our stories and how we pushed through it, they're more confident to tell their story. But we let them know bullying won't stop us. It just makes me more determined.”
Being involved in the Teen Nation Tour was important to the band not only because of the message the tour carries to children around the country, it was also consistent with the band's emphasis on engaging their fans. While the music industry has become overpopulated by “me first” personalities and egos, the guys making up REBELMANN have made it a point to put fans first.
“Fan interaction is awesome,” says Bryce. “There is nothing like playing live.”
“There is nothing better than being on stage making the fans feel something good,” John says in agreement. Clayton is also a big believer in putting the spotlight on the people supporting their music.
“Living a positive impact on people, on the fans,” he reiterates. “It is about what I leave for them. Not the money you make, not the car you drive, or the house you live in. I plan on making a positive impact on other people's lives.”

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REBELMANN to release single INDIAN LAND May 1, 2015.

Be Ready!

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PRLog - April 28, 2015 - LOS ANGELES -- First of all, these teens write their own music, play their own instruments, and sing without autotune or studio trickery! And it is GOOD!! The REBELMANNbrothers!!

This music holds up to any rock record out there and better! ...because these guys are still teens!!

The lead singer and guitarist, Clayton Mann, sounds well beyond his young age, and has a vocal range that holds its own in the arena of rock singers. Amazing power too!

The lead guitarist, and lefty Les Paul player, Johnathon Mann, is an amazing player with a wide variety of styles most notably reminiscent of Slash, with the crying wah wah ripping lead solos over a bed of grinding solid rhythm section filled in by brothers Clayton and Bryce Mann.

Bryce Mann is the drummer and twin brother to Johnathon, and he is a total drumming powerhouse! I hear so many influences young and old that it is difficult to categorize him into one particular style, though Tommy Lee and Alex Van Halen come to mind...

This song, INDIAN LAND, is quite controversial. It is hauntingly magnificent, both in vocal delivery and musicianship of the MANN brothers. You simply have to hear this song!

Bill Alexander

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