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Hi guys. My name is Lily Galin and i work with MEMO studio. We write an electronic pop music about love, feelings . joy....but also they are a little different from other songs ... because they are my own. Thank you

Artist Biography

Lily Galin Biography Using music to show my understanding of love I come from a small town in Lithuania. Although Lithuania is my home country, I have been living in the United States of America since March 2003. Music is my major dream since childhood. I was a bit reluctant about music some years ago. I only got the guts to pursue my dream when I came to the United States. I pursue music during my leisure time. I have been in the studio for more than two years. Prior to working in the studio, I have been playing with two different cool bands. We have done most of our performances in bars and restaurants. The songs we have been performing are completely my composition. I have written the lyrics for these songs from my heart. My producer takes time to improve the lyrics I write for each song. He also helps to create my songs and tunes. Although music is my greatest passion, I have also been doing other constructive activities. For instance, I have been studying in different fields. These include tailoring, fashion, nutrition, fitness, and natural health consulting among other activities. My passion for music does not come from competition or anything else. It comes from the desire to show my understanding of love. People have different ways of voicing their understanding of love. I believe that as long as we live, it is worth to share the power of love and creativity. Music gives me the platform to share my creativity because I have to come up with new ideas when writing the lyrics. Moreover, music provides the opportunity to express my understanding of the aspect of love.

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