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Deborah Liles - Quantum Jazzics-Close To You

Vocal Jazz


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"Oh wow, I have to describe myself? Well, it's a modern Diana Krall, Adele, Nora Jones, Sade, Eva Cassidy, Aretha meets and old school Ella Fitzgerald, Sarah Vaughan, Nancy Wilson, Peggy Lee, every big band singer thing? In the end, it's just me".

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For bios, music, bookings and all other info, please visit www.deborahliles.com

Press Release
In new single, Denver's Deborah Liles Longs to be

Close To You

(and the devil is NOT in the details)

And yes she does..."I have been thinking about a Karen Carpenter-esque cover for a long time, and the most important thing was to connect.  I did not want to imitate, I just wanted to plug into that mind boggling warmth she had and connect it to the music and listener," says Deborah Liles, a noted jazz and adult contemporary singer.  "It was hard to choose a song, but I heard a lot of liberty in Close To You's melody lines and wanted to zone in on highlighting them in a very special way."
"This is something special, it's refreshing," says Harry Watters, and LA radio promoter.  This single is the first release of her Quantum Jazzics project, where the music will be "much like that of the quantum physics world which I am obsessed with," Deborah states. 
"Listen, I could barely pass geometry and a lot my science and math teachers could not figure me out.  I finally told a statistics college professor that I may not be able to pass your class, but it does not mean your world does not fascinate me, and there is a profound respect for what you are able to process. He gave me a D, and called it a day," Deborah laughs.
To her, the devil is not in the details, "that it's a God, Zen, Budda, Jedi, Yoda thing that presents itself when I drill down on details, and it is where I connect."  
"Music connects everything to everything, everyone to everyone and then it will pop and not make sense until it makes sense.  It is a quantum thing to me, the rules fly out the window once the connection is there."
"I want to take lots of time and space on this project, and if I am still releasing singles in 2021? Well..just take my stat professor's way, listen, enjoy...and call it a day"
To purchase single, visit http://cdbaby.com/cd/deborahliles  Also available on iTunes and all other digital distribution sites by May 27, 2015.  For more information on Deborah Liles,

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