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Crimson Crux - Of The Times & Seasons


Los Angeles
United States

Band Description

Crimson Crux is a Southern California based Christian/Folk/Rock group with a Western/Rock feel musically containing Steampunk elements conceptually.

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Artist Biography

Formed in the Winter of 2011, Crimson Crux is a Christian/Folk/Rock group from the High Desert of Southern CA, consisting of husband/wife duo Nathan Petty (founder/songwriter/acoustic guitars) & Tanya Petty (vocals) accompanied by Paul Martinez (lead guitars) & Daniel Flores (percussion). In May 2012, Crimson Crux entered into the studio with their longtime friend/engineer Eric Dorse from The Noize Lab to record their debut 17-track indie LP, "Through Divers Temptations". In May 2013, after months of labouring endlessly in the studio, Crimson Crux's debut indie LP "Through Divers Temptations" was pressed, released via CD Baby & distributed to their various online partners currently carrying the LP. Immediately after the album's release, the band embarked on two local tours that same year ("The Revival Tour 2013" & "Feed The Bears Tour 2013" ), followed by another studio session in February 2014 to re-record/re-release the single "Ye Serpent of Olde", followed up once again by extensive local touring via local community outreaches & venues such as the San Bernardino County Fairgrounds & the local "2014 HALO Festival" at Mavericks Stadium. In October of 2014, Crimson Crux entered into the studio once again to record their sophmore EP "Of The Times & Seasons" which was released late March 2015, followed by a music video for their first single "Not of the Night" off the new EP. Today, Crimson Crux is heavily involved with participating/performing in various local outreaches around the High Desert of Southern CA & still continues to be the music ministry of Nate & Tanya Petty with more music & lyrics that are yet to be written..

Press Release
"Of The Times & Seasons" is a lyrical depiction of this world's present state, human heartaches & the truth of Divine hope presented musically in a Western/Steampunk style.
The tracks "Not of the Night" & "Down the Road" deal with the state that this present world is in, as well as the mindset of this current generation as prophesied in the Bible. Whereas, the tracks "Shake You Off" & "Through These Eyes" describe the longing to experience the true love that God has for us & the way He truly sees us. Finally, the tracks "Ye Serpent of Olde" & "Scarred'' deal with specific struggles & emotions that many of us as humans endure.
-Nathan Petty (Crimson Crux) 

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