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George Nevada Thomas (born February 22, 1968  recording artist and songwriter. He is  a songwriter and singer working with the band YA!. George Thomas also a filmmaker writes screen plays and wrote the original screen play “Werewolves” that was released as He-Man Master of the Universe. George Thomas  won The Photographic Society of America, Annual Student National Award in Film also won The Orson Wells Annual Award.
Since 2005, George Thomas and Ya the band have released a string of hit singles to radio including “Only You  produced with Dave Brown who played and recorded with Billy Joel, Dave Brown is one of the top guitar players and producers in the industry today. Chris Billias  Musician par excellence and Recording & Production Specialist.
The sound of George Thomas, he is such a eloquent singer, his voice is candid and reflective, he has a nice settling voice that is attractive and in depth. Their music is diverse, and a distinctive blend to it is also elaborate and steady.It has a passion and a fresh and genuine touch.
 For a Free Music Player  to hear more of  George Thomas and Ya’s work go to: GeorgeThomas.info  GeorgeThomas.TV.  Music is fast changing like never before The audiences today want  bands to produce a more diverse music and the music industry is gearing up to accommodate this new trend in the music industry.Aware of this George Thomas and Ya are producing music with different styles of rock,
From Hip Rock to PopRock and as George Thomas likes to call it CROSSOVER ROCK.
Bio on George Nevada Thomas and the band: “Ya “
Born: George Thomas, Graduated from Clark University 1989, in Worcester, Ma.; married; three children. Education: Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts degree, Art and history, Worcester Art Museum degree in Film . Addresses: Record company--Stone dog Records, P.O.Box 542 Boston, Ma. , Phone:
George Nevada Thomas has a voice in contemporary rock 'n' roll music today. Songs such as "The Desert," "Only You ," "Hold On," and "Over the Line" have enhanced his reputation with a growing number of fans.

 Typical comments on his first entrance in the public arena of radio: “Love your voice” I Love Your sound” “Unique” Hauntingly Perfect” He loves to write popular songs and has three albums playing on all major venues: Only You, Over the Line and In Another World, his Group, “Ya On Fire” has reformed as “Ya” __ George Thomas’s video “Getting Married Tonight” caused a tsunami of controversy because he incorporated photographs of gay couples who married as part of his video. I thought it was the only fair thing to do!, He said.

 Read more: George is a x school teacher in Boston and has won various awards in
Commercial Art shows and Film festivals. When question about his greatest
achievement and joy in life: That’s easy!, raising my children.
The intro was mysterious and alluring and it made me interested in continuing to listen to the song. The lyrics were kind of sad and dark, but I liked the song. I could relate to the words in this one. The singer's voice sounds raspy and I like the uniqueness of his voice. I also like the arrangement of the song because the beat didn't clash with the vocals. Great song! I would definitely add this one to my playlist.
This dude has a terrific voice that sounds like a country singer's voice. His brand of country mixed in with pop, electro, synth and even a touch of hip hop. This was produced amazingly well and professionally. He expresses himself quite well and it is a love song. A unique song. This artist is a one of a kind artist that goes above and beyond what he does. He should be proud of that. He should be next big thing when it comes pop music. He will be quite an impressive artist.

I Believe In You By George Thomas
The sound of this song has such a eloquent singer, his voice is candid and reflective, he has a nice settling voice that is attractive and in depth.  This song is magical. And that Johnny Cash flat note he catches us with is just amazing. A HIT for sure.

Press Release
George Thomas / Press
“’With a vocal style reminiscent of the late great Johnny Cash, original instrumentation and impeccable melodic instincts, George Thomas has fused traditional pop elements into something truly his own.' — George Thomas Akademia-Award winning songwriter & artist”
“George Thomas’ Big Heart By Kendra Beltran George Thomas is a singer songwriter who sings with a lot of conviction, no matter the subject manner. “Crazy In Love” is not a Beyonce cover, but his own take on being so deeply into someone. Thomas’ is more a demure take on the subject. Then we get even more love, only this time amped up with “A Little Bit of Love.” This one has more energy in the music than the last. Then he gets real and I think sings about something everyone has been through in “I Need Someone.” A surprising title to find in this singer songwriter’s catalogue was “Welcome ToThe Ghetto.” It’s got this funky way and plays it cool. It’s a drastic difference than where we started with George Thomas. It’s refreshing and showcases a different side of that really works out well. So if you like artists who write from the heart but who aren’t afraid to let their hair down once in awhile, check out George Thomas now. (http://georgethomas.tv/home) In”
“VIACOM MEDIA NETWORKS A DIVISION VIACOM INTERNATIONAL.INC We are very excited to announce the launch of Artists.MTV and the signing agreement with the World Video Game Corp. To promote the recording artist George Thomas and Ya.”
“From a song standpoint, this is one of the few albums where I don’t skip any songs at all. Each song is very well written, and the album flows seamlessly together from one song to the next. George Thomas & Ya is a pretty amazing group. George Thomas & Ya: ‘INBOUND’ A Timeless Rollercoaster Ride! BY RICK JAMM ON JULY 23, 2013 IN REVIEWS”
“21st Century Artists welcomes George Thomas and Ya to Hollywood. March 1,2013 We really enjoy your tunes. Your music's uniqueness stands atop. We are excited about promoting your tracks here in Hollywood – We particularly were fond of these hits: "Don't Waste My Time" "Love is All You Need To Know" "The Desert Ext Mix" "Someone to Love" "Robot Mama" and many others. Your music is stunning. Mitch. A&R 21st Century Artists, Inc.”
“Our Stage Magazine Thanks George Thomas for bringing your amazing talent to our stage!”
“All Indie Magazine "Field of Dreams" It was like listening to Roy Orbison or The Moody Blues. Thanks again for your submission and I hope you find the exposure you're seeking. Mikey Jayy ”

— George Thomas
Akademia-Award winning
songwriter & artist
Congratulations on winning the Akademia Music Award for Best Rock / Electronica album for ‘Journey’.
Akademia Award Best spoken song “Together”

Without You by George Thomas. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kx0OG_-x0XA

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