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Lyndzie Taylor - Phoenix

Pop Rock

Los Angeles

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Rockin' pop music with an acoustic edge.

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What do you get when you combine catchy pop melodies with passionate performance and pixie good looks? Some might describe Lyndzie Taylor as the "whole package," but what is for sure is that this singer/songwriter is a fiery new voice on LA's music scene.
Inspired by classic pop and rock artists like the Beatles, Queen, and Michael Jackson, Lyndzie has been writing, performing and recording her own original music since she was young. With comparisons to power house vocalists such as Pink and Ann Wilson, Lyndzie would describe her sound as high energy, soulful acoustic/electric pop rock. Her voice is a powerhouse of emotion and intensity; whether backed by a full band or just her acoustic guitar, Lyndzie rocks every venue she plays with the utmost passion.
Lyndzie has released several projects as an independent artist, including two EP's and a full length album. Her latest record, "Phoenix," tells a pop driven yet heart-wrenching story of love, pain and rock and roll. Lyndzie is ecstatic about the release of "Phoenix" and looks forward to sharing her new sound with her growing number of fans around the world.

Press Release
Phoenix, Taylor’s latest EP, is an explosion of power-packed pop and electronic music – all originating from her recent musical metamorphosis.
(LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, U.S.A.) JUNE 25th, 2015 – California-based artist Lyndzie Taylor’s forthcoming EP, Phoenix, Lyndzie Tayloris due to be released this September. The five-track EP will give fans a glimpse of her recent musical metamorphosis. Phoenix is a follow-up to Taylor’s 2011 full-length album, Knock Me Down. However, Phoenix is a stark stylistic diversion from her previous works. Taylor takes flight with Phoenix – which is a power-packed pop and electronic explosion of girl power and passion.
The first single from Phoenix, “What Do I Know,” is now available to radio stations. The track is a sassy, edgy composition with Taylor’s trademark blistering vocals, as well as hooky, melodic electric guitar riffs. Critics have compared Taylor to Lady Gaga and Adam Lambert and it shows within both “What Do I Know” - as well as the new EP, Phoenix.
Lyndzie gives insight into the project’s creative theme, which is one of pushing the boundaries from her days as an acoustic-based singer-songwriter. “Phoenix tells a pop-driven yet heart-wrenching story of love, pain and rock and roll,” she explains.
Lyndzie’s background as a songwriter stretches back to her youth, drawing inspiration from the likes of The Beatles, Queen and Michael Jackson. Within Phoenix, Taylor joined forces with songwriters Mallory Trunnell, Lauren Harding and SkyKross. In addition, Mallory Trunnell produced Phoenix with Lyndzie and the EP is published via Taylor’s self-owned Marigold Lane Music.
Aside from the release of “What Do I Know,” and the title track, other key tracks on the album will feature the power-ballad entitled “Rain” and the powerful up-tempo “Let’s Get Loud.” While Lyndzie’s previous releases were more acoustic and singer/songwriter, she has spread her wings and pushed the creative envelope with Phoenix. “I’ve definitely re-invented myself as a pop artist,” offers Taylor.

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