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David Verity - David Verity

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David Verity is an anomaly in the music business. An award-winning songwriter, singer, record producer, mix engineer, multi-instrumentalist, CEO and artist who even raps all of his own verses, his legacy in the music industry is inevitable.

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In the world of modern music, where most artists follow trends and conform to mediocrity, there are few exceptions. Every once in a very great while however, there emerges someone who redefines an entire genre, defies the expectation of conformity, and denies mediocrity. They set precedents and break records.
As a singer, songwriter, composer, arranger, multi-instrumentalist, recording engineer and record producer, David Verity is set to do just that.

Verity means “Truth.” This surname and double-entendre is a testament to the true, natural form of David’s musical talent, as well as, and more importantly, a testament to his dedication to dignity, integrity, and morality.
By the time he graduated high school, (which he did with academic and artistic honors,) he had a #1 song on Billboard’s former online music chart, had MTV camera crews at his door for a USA Network show, Farmclub, where Jimmy Iovine’s at Interscope Records A&R selected him as the top prospect in the country, in all genres.), was the #1 R&B artist on MP3.com where he released his first CD, and had performed in concert at the mecca of live performance - The MGM Grand in Las Vegas, NV. He has shared the stage with many top music acts, and was invited to an exclusive Pre-Grammy celebration to perform in honor of James Brown's Lifetime Achievement Award. A brief tenure with Motown Records in 2004 had him in talks with Ryan Leslie and Corey “Latif” Williams about an R&B tour, but ended with the resignation of Motown CEO Kedar Massenburg that year.

His songwriting has yielded multiple international songwriting nods, such as The John Lennon Songwriting Award (2-years in a row, in 2 different genres,) and The USA Songwriting Award. His work producing other artists has landed them major deals with companies like MySpace Records and Sean “P. Diddy” Combs’ Bad Boy Records. Other artists whose careers he molded landed them in the offices of major record labels, including Geffen, Atlantic, and Def Jam.
He recently completed a promotional tour which culminated in a sold out Hult Center for a Pay-Per-View event featuring himself, Ginuwine, Jon B., Eric Bellinger, and Q Parker of 112 which will be broadcast on major cable networks in over 80 countries. A vocal and outspoken philanthropist, the event was a benefit concert for homeless veterans put on by a non-profit organization, for which he also sits on the board.

Known for playing every one of the instruments on his albums by himself and mixing his entire records with no outside help, Listen.com called David Verity "the Prince of the new generation," for good reason. Considered a visionary and a master of logistics by those who know him in business, Verity signed a distribution deal with InGrooves/Universal Music Group for the distribution of his independent record label, Anomaly Music Group, as well as an International licensing deal with Japanese mega-corporation JVC.

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