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I'm a singer/songwriter from London England. 'A Love Song’ from was voted Indie Song of the year on the Starliners Radio Network in Holland and I was on the New Music weekly chart for 15 weeks peaking at #9

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I am English born and bred and I have been playing music most of my life. I have played in a few bands here in the UK some famous and a lot not quite so famous.
I had a brief spell away from music and in that time I did some acting work which included a small non speaking role in one of the Harry Potter movies, plus I did countless UK TV shows, some commercials and I was in a pop video for a band called ‘Busted’ with a song called ‘Year 3000’, which made it to number one in the charts here in the UK.

So all in all my career has been somewhat varied along the way. I have released six commercial albums, number 6 ‘The Road Goes On’ was released March 2012. A physical CD as well as a digital download is available from www.johndartnell.com

My music is also available from most good download sites including www.itunes.com

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John or The Beard as he is affectionately known, is a singer/songwriter originally from London England. His American influenced music and his UK upbringing gives John his own unique style of music. His songs vary from his own style of country (Well what do you expect from a Brit) to haunting love songs , through to songs about life, through to good old Rock and Roll. To sum John up in a few sentences is difficult, the best way to describe him is unique…….. Listen to the man listen to his music.

Press Release
John Dartnell: ‘I’ll See You In The Darkness Coming into Fruition with New CD.

Written by Laura Jenney 
Of Mindsweep Entertainment & Promotions
St. Augustine, FL

Bravo, kudos and congrats to multi-talented British singer, songwriter, actor and funny man John Dartnell, on the widely anticipated release of his latest acoustic CD, "I’ll See You In The Darkness", which is steadily gaining absolute rave reviews from both his large scale worldwide fan base as well as from radio stations in an impressive number of countries.  And with good reason, as on John Dartnell's brand new CD, (which is his sixth), John Dartnell delivers up and embraces a surprising number of musical styles, ranging from country, rock, folk, and yes, even Americana, not to mention plenty of 'oooh la la' to burn in some very romantic love ballads.  (Pretty intriguing stuff for us women folk, considering the deeply romantic songwriting finesse coming from a muscle bound, tattooed, bearded Brit.)
The songwriting put forth and exhibited by John Dartnell on this CD unmistakably and unforgettably 'classic' of his very distinct trademark style; and no doubt, longtime fans of John Dartnell, ("The Beard", as he is affectionately known by his fans), will agree that this CD was worth every minute of the anticipation of it's release.
For those less familiar with Dartnell's music, to describe his songwriting style, (especially exhibited on this CD), is perhaps kind of like early Bob Dylan meets Bruce Springsteen's 1982 released "Nebraska" album, meets Dan Fogelberg, with maybe a dash of the songwriting style of Steve Earle, and with the romanticism of perhaps Van Morrison's 1970 released classic rock/folk album "Moondance". 
Notably, also like all of the above mentioned stellar and legendary artists, when it comes to John Dartnell's vocal prowess, he too has a very distinct 'signature sound' that is unmistakably all his own.
Given this, and the many musical styles which are embraced in John Dartnell's latest CD, "I’ll See You In The Darkness", it's no wonder that as an artist as well as his latest CD has such a 'worldwide' appeal.
Giving credit where credit is due on this album, besides the fine work which speaks for itself contributed by John 'The Beard' Dartnell for his work as Producer, and for his songwriting, vocal and guitar work on this CD, credit is also due to Don Strandberg for his prowess on musical arrangement/composition and on guitars,
To quote just a few of the rave reviews given by radio personalities and personnel around the globe...
One radio station said about the song "I’ll See You In The Darkness" from John Dartnell’s album "I’ll See You In The Darkness" is nothing short of musical beauty.  John seems to have the perfect balance of heart felt lyrics matched with acoustic accompaniment makes this single a delight to the ears."  (Review by Vanessa Chaplin).  Another radio station review raves: "Man I love this guy; what a sound!  I'll be playing him for sure."  (Review by Andy of www.aiiradio.net.)
Because John Dartnell has indeed already received, and is quickly and steadily gaining an impressively significant amount of airplay and regular rotation on mainstream, internet, satellite, and college radio stations worldwide, for his efforts on this new CD, which is in effect, also very rapidly and steadily expanding his popularity as an internationally renowned musical artist on a vast and global scale; making John's own "I’ll See You In The Darkness" come more into fruition in the process.  ...Not that John Dartnell is any newcomer to the music industry.  John earned a Top 10 hit position on the New Music Weekly Indie Charts in America for fifteen weeks, with his song ‘If It Ain’t Country’ off of his "Miles From Anywhere" album which peaked at the #9 position.
For an independent artist not signed to a major record label, (yet that is), gaining significant airplay and rotation in countries and regions ranging as far and wide as from all across the UK, the United States, Brazil, Canada, Germany, Sweden, The Netherlands, Denmark, Australia, New Zealand, and beyond, (just to name a few), is indeed impressive; especially considering the CD was only officially released in August of this year!    
As easily heard from the quality of songwriting on this CD, music is a major passion for John Dartnell, but music is certainly not John's ONLY talent.  John Dartnell has also enjoyed a rather long and successful career as an actor for a number of years; having performed in countless TV shows in the UK, as well as commercials.  John performed in a video for the band ‘Busted’ with a song called, "Year 3,000", which reached to number one in the charts in the UK.  Many recognize John Dartnell from his performance as a wizard in the second Harry Potter movie, ("Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets", released in 2002), as well.
                   And it may be a bit hard to imagine after listening to the 'depth' of John's lyrical content on his latest CD, "I’ll See You In The Darkness"; however, knowing John personally, (as a friend), as well as on a professional level, I can personally attest to the fact that John  is an amazingly, brilliantly and hysterically funny individual; and could easily and absolutely dominate television ratings if he were to star in his own "Brit com" or television talk/variety show; or even if he ever decided to tour as a stand up comedian.  (This is also coming from British comedy.)  With such a broad ranging amount of talent, there is no limitto the possibilities of even greater future successes that are in store for John in any direction he might choose to venture.
John's musical influence range from Bruce Springsteen, John Fogerty, Tom Petty, Steve Earle, Willie Nelson, The Eagles, Buddy Holly, John Denver, Mary Chapin Carpenter, Carole King, James Taylor, Lee Roy Parnell, Radney Foster, James House, Hal Ketchum, Arlo Guthrie, Jon Randall, Lonestar, Emmylou Harris, John Berry, Elvis Presley, Bob Dylan, Bob Seger, Jackson Browne, Simon and Garfunkel and Don McClean are amongst his many.
(And 'heads up' to concert and festival promoters everywhere, John Dartnell would make an excellent choice to see performing at events along side any number of great artists on his tour to promote his latest CD "I’ll See You In The Darkness".) 
For talent buyers, concert and festival promoters interested in booking John Dartnell at their events can do so by contacting, Michelle by e-mail at: michelle@johndartnell.com
Note for Laura: Talent buyers that are accustomed to booking outstanding major headlining acts through myself at T&T Management & Booking Agency and would like to book John perhaps to perform at the same events with major headlining acts associated with T&T, can contact me (at the contact info below), and I will certainly be glad to see what I can do to 'hook you up'.
Both fans and interested music industry execs can gain more info on John Dartnell, listen to tracks  From his latest CD and more by visiting the following web sites at:
 Radio stations interested in adding John Dartnell's music to their programming can download tracks from John's latest CD release "I’ll See You In The Darkness" via airplaydirect.com/johndartnell.
Fans everywhere of John Dartnell can purchase his new CD via www.iTunes.com www.CDBaby.com, and of course, at all of John's upcoming live performances.

Meanwhile, John Dartnell is already busy putting together songs for his next CD release.

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